Wednesday, November 5, 2014

mixing it up.

It's that time again. It's dark as night all day here in the #PNW, it's wet with rain - lots this year, and well, all I want to do is sit and eat carbs while drinking coffee all day with a side of leftover Halloween candy.... SIGH.

We're settling into our new home and with the new place, there is new room for my old cookbooks that haven't seen a kitchen in years. Along with my Pinterest inspiration, I'm  somewhat motivated to expand our carb filled basic weekly meal recipes....

So I came across this menu planner idea on Pinterest that I think stylistically isn't my cup of tea (or soup since we're talking food here), but - I like the idea and overall ease of meal planning.

So maybe this fall, I'll pour myself a cabernet vs coffee and start exploring new recipes for our new home. I just might be able to toast to that.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Moving Lessons.

Whoa this is fun. NOT. You would think moving 4xs before I was 8 and moving every year I was in NYC (sometimes 2xs a year) for 9 years would have soften this ....but....

Moving with a 4-year-old plus selling a house and buying new house has added a whole new level of reality to this experience.

Needless to say, I never want to move again.

But what I will say as we're so close to being done with this move -- is I've learned a few new lessons through this move at this age, in this experience that I'd like to share....

  1. I don't need that much stuff. That's an easy one. 
  2. Less is WAY more. 
  3. Cleaning a non-packed house is way easier (in other words - staged houses are way easier to keep tidy.) 
  4. Having fresh cut flowers is not only amazing but something I'd like to do forever - every day, every week for the rest of my life. 
  5. Hmm, Dad was right. Making my bed nicely every day is a nice feeling. 
  6. Knowing my house is always clean when I walk in is amazing. 
  7. I am beyond cranky when I spend a lot of time making sure my house is clean. Is it worth it? 
  8. This feels a lot like my first trimester of being pregnant. I can't really talk about it,  I'm not sure what's happening next, and I feel sick and excited at the same time. 
  9. It's the little things that matter. For some unknown reason, I pre-packed (in the POD to stage the house) spices, our funnel, salad spinner, and my nail polishes. Not cool. 
  10. Blogging is the last thing I'm thinking about.  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Only one.

I'm sick of all the reasons why our daughter might be doing something because she's only "one." People feel the need to tell me that she does X because she's an only child over and over again. But what if she does X because it's what she wants to do?... and maybe she'd do X even if we had a house full of kids but I wouldn't notice it because I'd be busy dealing with another child's situation? Maybe I'm more aware because she's only "one" but that doesn't make it any less or any more than two or three or....

So please, before you tell a parent of "one" she is experiencing what she's experiencing due to the number "one" nothing else, take a breath and maybe just listen and smile and think how lucky she is that she only has "one" and doesn't have to deal with the same issue two, three, or four times.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Goodbye Bob.

This picture is from our first outing together in January 2010 - on an unusual warm winter day. 

We've been through so much together. Our first vacation with our girl to southern California in February 2010. Our crazy trip to Maui where we all got sick. 

So many trips around the lake - walking/running. 

Adventures to parks, farmers markets, trails, crazy day at Discovery Park. 

You've always been super durable - versatile. Able to cruise over any bump on the road. Literally.  Go off-roading. Run in races. 

But lately, you've just been chilling in our garage, waiting for our next adventure together. Last night I cleaned you up and made you shine bright (and wondered why I hadn't done this sooner. Sorry Bob.) 

Last night I posted you for sale* along with some extras you offered me - a well used and appreciated cup holder and a rain cover - both extras that well, I can't express how valuable they were for me. 

Goodbye Bob. Our girl is has sadly outgrown you. I've already parted with the crib, baby clothes, but you Bob, are the hardest so far. I loved you and how easy you made my life carrying too much stuff and providing a sweet place for our girl to nap and me to chat on the mobile countless times. 

I could not have survived without you Bob. Take care - and I wish you much love in your next Momma/Stroller relationship. 

*Our 2008 Navy Bob Revolution is for sale. $200 for the stroller, baby seat bar (straps not included), cup holder, and rain cover.  Comment if you're interested to start a new relationship! He's fantastic. ;-) 

Thursday, June 12, 2014


I heard a piece yesterday on NPR about a Mother and her family moving in with her 91 year old Grandmother when they first moved to Seattle and how the entire experience changed her and her children.

Her three children were raised by not only herself and her husband, but her Grandmother and the children's Great Grandmother.

The youngest who was a toddler in the beginning of their journey would sit with her GG and have breakfast every morning. They developed a relationship that was so special and important for each of them.

Here was this Woman approaching her last days with this young child- sharing this moment of caring and understanding. Having a purpose again and giving the child an experience that is unique these days.

My Grandmother who I called Omi (pictured) moved in with us when I was almost 8, my younger sister 4, where she lived till she became sick around 6 years later. She moved into a nursing home and lived there for 6-7 years before she died.

I remember some days hating the fact that she lived with us because I was at that annoying age where any adult bothered me. I remember being told I wasn't going to prom that night by my parents unless I drove my car to the nursing home to show her me fully dressed, hair done, and make up on first.

But what I truly remember is her dripping with gold earrings, necklaces, long red nails, revlon hot pink lips, hair done perfectly, speaking spanish on the phone when talking with her sisters, cheering me on for ALL the at-home dance, plays, etc I performed for her. I remember her amazing tacos, meatloaf. I remember the bags and bags of silver jewerly she'd bring back to my sister and I from her travels. I remember how all the ladies in our neighborhood loved talking with "Mercedes." I remember her frog song when I was going to bed. I remember her scratching my back to put me asleep. And I remember how cool it was that she organized all the ladies to see me in my Prom dress and praise my beauty.

When she passed, the night before - she was in my dream floating around me. This woman who was barely aware anymore, but in my dream she was her old self. She was the woman who was always there for me even if I pushed her away.

Here's to all of us rethinking our relationships with family and our children and remembering how important it is. I wouldn't change my living situation one second.

Love you Omi and thank you Mom & Dad.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A year of running

Last April 2013 - I started my training to run. I wanted to run weekly. I wanted to run in 5ks. I wanted to love running.

2 out of 3 ain't so bad.

I've been running now 1 full year.  I run 2-3xs a week slightly over 3 miles each time. (Basically I run around our lake.) On average, I run about 10.34 mile - which is slow to many but a minute faster than I ran last year. I no longer stop to walk. I run the whole loop.

Tomorrow, I'm running the Run Like A Mother Mother's Day 5k my 2nd time. This year I didn't have to train walk to run - I ran and biked at Beautiful Bike weekly to prep, and just signed up. Nothing out of the ordinary. This year I went to pick up my packet with calmness. This year our 4 year old will be running her first 1k before I run.

So, I have achieved my goal of running weekly, running in 5Ks. I still do not love running, but I do love to get it done and achieve my goals. I love the fact that I can travel anywhere with my running shoes and my running gear and run wherever I am - though sometimes I do find it hard to get out and run on vacation.

I've committed to three 5Ks in 2014 - and this is my #2 run this year. I'll keep you posted!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Party of 3.

Is she your only one? Are you planning on having another? Is she your youngest?

Our girl is it. We have one. Party of one child in this house.

Was that the plan? No.

"Mommy, why do some people try to have a baby and they just don't get one? Mommy- is it like when I ask Santa for many different things and I don't get everything?" 

M asked me this just the other day.

No one knows your journey. No one knows how scared and excited you were the first time and how the excitement ended too fast.

No one knows how scared we were with you and how we thought we lost you too, but didn't. And are so thankful every day.

No one knows that you could've been an older sister.

But I've found that everything I've asked for in life never comes the way I expected it. It comes to me in a different shape, a different time than I expected, and in a totally different way that I could ever imagine (I.E. Me living in the PNW?!)

Party of 3 is actually pretty awesome and intimate. Party of three is pretty special. Do I crave siblings for our girl? Of course, but that journey is over for us. Is it easy for me to close that door? Never - but it's not bad either if that makes sense. It's bittersweet.

I see so many of M's friends as her family and I hope they will be forever. These two boys pictured here are so dear to our girl. And secretly (okay, not so secretly) I'd adore to have them as sons. They are the sweetest, caring boys ever - and treat our girl so kindly it makes my heart sing.

Family is defined so differently for all of us. We're creating our family of 3 plus 100 more family members. Here's to all of us together.