Sunday, March 29, 2015

I'm going to church.

EEK. I can't believe I'm putting this out there. It's so foreign to me because for so long I've been against the idea.

I'm choosing to go church. I grew up going to Catholic Mass with my family. Every Sunday I dreaded church - sitting inside a very crowded service with fellow students and strangers in my home town. Sometimes it wouldn't be so bad, but honestly, I just went through the movements, the 'sayings' (prayers), the standing/sitting/kneeling rituals.

But since my post in November 2014, after a flux of response via Facebook from fellow church (?!!) going friends, I've been attending a Christian church down the street, and shhhh, liking it!

It's not Catholic (I know, I already said it was Christian), but it is an adorable little church in the heart of the neighborhood, filled with people who have for generations attended this church and travel as far as the east side (!!) to attend this church in Crown Hill neighborhood (basically north Ballard - "west side" for those non-Seattlites.)

Our five year old daughter joins me and seems to really like it. Honestly, they won her over when her first time in the church she got to be on the alter -or what she calls "the stage." I can't say I blame her. The children all get to sit up on "the stage" each week and have a special moment just for them. Some listen. Some cry. Some run around being chased by a parent. It's actually such a sweet way to kick off the service.

Then the kids go up to a worship time and I get to sit and learn about things again with an open mind and open ear.

My new church is open minded, non-descriminating, Woman Pastor environment. It also has a similar enough prayer style and communion idea - two things from the Catholic mass I grew up enjoying and responding to, which makes me feel comfortable and at home.

So today, I can honestly say "Yes, I go to Church. And guess what? I like it." 

In case you're curious, the church is Northwest Christain Church - only one sermon each week. And don't worry - I won't pressure you to join me, but invite anyone who's interested! 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Simple and Crazy.

When my daughter and I walked into the house, we just loved it. It was a Sunday, which in our life means "Soccer Sunday" and the two of us know Daddy is at a game. J was totally a'ok with us checking out the house. I mean, it was the first house we took seriously after the day before talking with our friend and realtor told us we weren't crazy to consider the idea of selling our town home.

It wouldn't be the house.

"Mommy, I want to win this house" is what M said over again over again while running through the house.

"Me too" I said under my breath.

But it was the house- and it was crazy. The midcentury look. The colors. The beachy feel. The neighborhood. The landscaping. I just loved it, but was pretty sure I was crazy and J would talk me out of it.

He didn't.

And we moved and sold in a little more than a month (thank you Cassie & Sol!!!!!!) and we're loving the house each day. I can't believe I live here and lilacs and peonies are started to bud. I no longer have to go to the apartment building next door and snip a hydrangea in the summer from the landlords property (who btw would just chop them down anyway...) M has plenty of room to be a kid. We can host many folks visiting or just for dinner. It's just our home.

I can't wait to see what's next down the road for us in this house.

Here's to simple yet totally crazy ideas working out with the help* of your friends, family, and a little bit of insanity running through your veins.

*Thanks again to Cassie & Sol, Mom and Dad, all of our friends & family who listened to our stress about the move/moving, old neighbors, The Burns Clan, GLM, and more. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My reminder.

I'm 43 and what I have mostly jiggles.
I'm 43 and I can now run 3.33 miles easily. 
I'm 43 and I can carry 50 lbs if I need to. 

My legs aren't thin. My waist ain't slim. I'm now doing yoga and thinking about ways to be creative again. 

I have a daily list of 11 to do's- and usually finish 4 if I'm lucky. 
I also usually finish 47 other things I never realize are on my to-do list each and every day. 

I'm 43 and what I have mostly jiggles.
I'm 43 and I can now run 3.33 miles easily. 
I'm 43 and I can carry 50 lbs if I need to. 

I can multitask while talking to my husband and our 5 year old.
I can drive, sing, think, all while talking to our 5 year old. 
I can plan a dinner (usually tacos, pasta, pizza, or chicken) while talking to our 5 year old. 
I can pack a lunch, drink a cup of coffee, think of my 11 daily to do's while talking to our 5 year old. 
I can schedule a dentist appointment, an electrician, and a plumber while talking to our 5 year old. 

I can very easily put off dirty dishes in the sink, folding clean laundry in the dryer, and organizing any drawer in the house. 

I'm 43 and what I have mostly jiggles.
I'm 43 and I can now run 3.33 miles easily. 
I'm 43 and I can carry 50 lbs if I need to. 

I'm 43 and I'm happy. 

Friday, February 20, 2015


It's strange. I'm more at peace lately. My soul feels thankful and more calm.

In November, I wrote God Is Good, and since then I've been attending church. I now am more aware when I say things like "oh God" or when I over hear people talking about God. (Oddly, this is happening more and more....)

I also bring up things I learn about in Church a lot. Even more -  I ask our daughter weekly what she wants to do on Sunday at 10:30am, and well, she says 99% of the time "church."

This is strange for me, but okay. I find my new church a place where I can sit for 45 minutes and reflect. Either about what the sermon is about or what is on my mind.  A place where I can see familiar faces and dress up for (in a place like Seattle as a SAHM, wearing anything but leggings is dressing up....)

I'm thankful for this experience and where it might take me. And I am thankful for finding a place for our daughter to learn a different level of compassion for other human beings and love.


IMAGE: Posted this image per Rev Monica's last sermon. Guess people really pay attention to adorable kittens on social sites ;) 

Friday, November 28, 2014

God is Good.

For a year + now, I've been trying to figure out what/who/how to talk to our daughter about God.

She's been asking questions a lot lately-and honestly, I am confused on how to respond. What do I believe?

I was "raised" Catholic. Meaning, we went to church every Sunday. Translation - I got dressed up and messed with my sister for an hour while sucking on a lifesaver waiting for breakfast (we typically weren't allowed to eat till after mass.)

I went through communion, but was never confirmed. I did go through confirmation, but when I asked questions about abortion, the church called my parents and explained I had to go through the process again...and well, I never went back to church school, nor did I get confirmed.

Fast forward years later.... and my husband and I decided to baptize our girl Episcopalian at 6 months; part because my husband is "1/2" Episcopalian, it  seems the religion is Catholic "light" (same familiar prayers), and the church in the town he grew up seemed pretty cool. Plus, it just felt like the right thing to do. So my MIL made an adorable Christening gown, bonnet, and booties, we ordered a cake,  chose God Parents, and had a special moment on Father's Day 2010.

But what was next?

Today on a road trip to Oregon, our girl asked "Mommy, who is God?" and "Who is Jesus?"

Well,  "....Baby, God is this really cool guy who created Earth and Jesus is his son." My husband, which mind you never attended Church as much as I have but did study theology at Fordham, started telling our girl this amazing, beautiful story about this world created by God and the son of God and how he was magical.

I was taken aback. Here was this beautiful explanation of it all. Something that made sense to me in a simple pure way - and it felt right. Something I never heard him say out loud, heck, never heard stated by anyone like this, but knew that maybe finding a Episcopalian church for us might be the right thing to do..and soon.

and what did our Daughter say?

"So how long till we get to Oregon Mommy?"

And that was the end of the questioning. Made me think, maybe this big decision to go to mass wasn't that big after all. Maybe it was just an easy decision for our family - as simple as a long road trip with the three of us figuring out our way-and how long it was going to take us to get there.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

mixing it up.

It's that time again. It's dark as night all day here in the #PNW, it's wet with rain - lots this year, and well, all I want to do is sit and eat carbs while drinking coffee all day with a side of leftover Halloween candy.... SIGH.

We're settling into our new home and with the new place, there is new room for my old cookbooks that haven't seen a kitchen in years. Along with my Pinterest inspiration, I'm  somewhat motivated to expand our carb filled basic weekly meal recipes....

So I came across this menu planner idea on Pinterest that I think stylistically isn't my cup of tea (or soup since we're talking food here), but - I like the idea and overall ease of meal planning.

So maybe this fall, I'll pour myself a cabernet vs coffee and start exploring new recipes for our new home. I just might be able to toast to that.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Moving Lessons.

Whoa this is fun. NOT. You would think moving 4xs before I was 8 and moving every year I was in NYC (sometimes 2xs a year) for 9 years would have soften this ....but....

Moving with a 4-year-old plus selling a house and buying new house has added a whole new level of reality to this experience.

Needless to say, I never want to move again.

But what I will say as we're so close to being done with this move -- is I've learned a few new lessons through this move at this age, in this experience that I'd like to share....

  1. I don't need that much stuff. That's an easy one. 
  2. Less is WAY more. 
  3. Cleaning a non-packed house is way easier (in other words - staged houses are way easier to keep tidy.) 
  4. Having fresh cut flowers is not only amazing but something I'd like to do forever - every day, every week for the rest of my life. 
  5. Hmm, Dad was right. Making my bed nicely every day is a nice feeling. 
  6. Knowing my house is always clean when I walk in is amazing. 
  7. I am beyond cranky when I spend a lot of time making sure my house is clean. Is it worth it? 
  8. This feels a lot like my first trimester of being pregnant. I can't really talk about it,  I'm not sure what's happening next, and I feel sick and excited at the same time. 
  9. It's the little things that matter. For some unknown reason, I pre-packed (in the POD to stage the house) spices, our funnel, salad spinner, and my nail polishes. Not cool. 
  10. Blogging is the last thing I'm thinking about.