Tuesday, December 21, 2010


zoom, zoom, zoom. time is flying by!

*It's been over a year since our past due date (December 17, 2009).
*Our baby girl turns ONE - December 30th, 2009.
*I've been a SAHM for a year~! (what?!)

It feels like the slowest / fastest year ever. I just can't believe it.

(Clock too cute not to share where to find it!)

Friday, December 17, 2010

the difference.

Having a baby makes me realize that I have to focus on the little tasks I can do - and let go of those little details I used to add to whatever I was doing... Like for instance, holiday cards. I used to make custom labels, used holiday stamps, sometimes add something special to the envelope. Um, I will say this - if please don't expect any of that. Sigh - but you will be getting a card. That's a BIG win in my back pocket these days. I'm just happy I was able to get through cards today while baby was sleeping... that's a big difference from the old me who would obsess on getting things done 1 way - the only way....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Inside with outside.

As I place another shell on a shelf, I can't help to wonder why we humans need to bring in the outside to remind us of the sweet moments. I've surrounded us in our home with shells, rocks, wooden bowls that feel like tree trunks, pictures -mostly taken outside. Is this to keep us grounded? If we lived outside, would we have pictures of us inside?

I will say this, holding nature in my palm always calms me.

Friday, December 3, 2010

what I'd make into law...

* All public restrooms (male and female) must include diaper changing station no matter what size of the establishment.
* All public places must truly have handicapped access-that includes "inside" the business too.
* All people should respect others and gosh darnit HOLD the door open for the person in need
* If a person needs a seat on public transportation and you're able, offer your seat (for instance handicapped, pregnant, iinjured, elderly, and people with child(ren).
* Every one should smile at each other.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's all about timing

life is about the time baby wakes, to breakfast, to baby naps, to the time lunch is served, to when was the last nap, to what's for dinner - then bedtime. Wow. Time management in a whole different format these days.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I dig clever Moms.

I just love when I stumble across another cool thing a local Mom is doing (heck, doesn't have to be local...)

The latest discovery has been Twirl Cafe in the Seattle community - Queen Anne. It's a place to be a parent, with a child, have a coffee and chill. There are classes and other cool things.

The Mom here (Um, sadly I can't find her name on her blog...but then again, I'm sleep deprived) has opened this cafe to support parents out there. I'm very excited to go check it out and make it a new stomping ground as a SAHM.

Other cool Moms doing clever things....

More to come I'm sure...

Original post: http://frommarketertomommy.blogspot.com

Monday, October 18, 2010


Recently I discovered that our local community center (1 min from our house) is closing its doors to the people and open Parks and Recreation offices instead. According to the sources - it was still in discussion and we did have an opportunity to voice our opinions and hopefully change the city council's decision.

So, I wrote letters and attended this past Saturday's meeting with a city council representative.

Today, Monday-I noticed while @ the community center-there were signs about closure for the offices as of Nov 4th!


What about this speaks "community" to you? How does opening business offices in our parks community center help us local citizens AND folks who visit?

Where we live is a beautiful park, lake, wading pool, and more for Seattle-ites - and now other elements like yoga, music, daycare, etc will be gone.

We can *drive* to another community center, but that's NOT why we moved to this part of town. We chose this community to purchase our 1st home for *all* that it has to offer.

I'm disappointed in this decision-and the lack of community involvement it included.

And yes, this will be sent to my City Council reps.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

no more set classes for us

This month I paid for 4 classes for baby and me - that each go on for 4 weeks or more - which we've only been to say 3 classes total. I think 9 months officially marks the time for no "set time" classes for us-but instead drop in. Live and learn.

in the car

Our baby girl can sleep in the car...
She can scream in the car...

**I can drink coffee in the car...
Even nap in the car...
Sometimes read in the car...
Watch the rain in the car...
Check my email in the car...
Blog in the car...
Catch up on news in the car...
Put on makeup in the car...
Heck, pluck eyebrows in the car...
Nurse in the car...

What I can't do? Laundry, dishes, organize, art projects (though I'm rethinking this one), cook (no loss there), and other annoying household chores...

So maybe in the car isn't so bad after all.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

on this night...

On this night I sit (again) in our glider, baby dozing off, looking at the half moon wondering how many Mommas have done this same thing, are doing it, or will do it soon.

I'm beat. Our 9 month old baby girl is cutting her 3rd tooth-and this one is different.

This one hurts.

She's very clingy, needy, and tired. And sleep is tough (for all of us).

When did we (Moms) lose our network? Our other Mommas to lessen the weight? Our families-to give us a break? Our sisters to lend a hand?

I'm beat. I'm old. I think of all of you who did this before me for strength. (I really do!)

Oh baby girl - sleeeeeeeeep.

Friday, October 1, 2010

what is your favorite thing to do today?

What is your favorite thing to do today?
Is it roll on your back and dream of hay?
Is it to kiss your Mommy and say no way?
Or is to play with a Monkey all day?

What is your favorite thing to do today?
Is it to sqeeze your sophie giraffe and play?
Is it to run around the lake with Mom and say "okay" the whole way?
Is it to sit on the swing and count the birds flying away?

What is your favorite thing to do today?

*Cat 10/1/10 along side of Ms M laughing away...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Motherload or is it Motherlode

Whichever-it is a good blog for us Mommys out there.

Thanks TF for the tip!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

let's talk.

Since I've been a SAHM, I'll be honest-I stink at conversation other than "baby" chit-chat or conversations on what I want to change in the house. Sadly my news updates are via facebook, my Mom, or occasionally Jon Stewart.

I know, lame.

So as of today I'm tasking myself to read up (via the "c"rackberry) the latest daily news.

I have to add some insight back into my life. If anything to help with "date night" conversation.

becareful what you wish for...

A friends facebook profile status said something like this recently. Her business is doing some amazing things and well-I'm assuming it's amazing and scary at the same time.

Growing up I was going to be an "artist". I did well in art, everyone praised my skill, it came naturally to me - so of course that is what I'd do. But what kind of art? Photography? No-too messy with all the chemicals - though cool. Painting? Same thing. I loved working with oil paint-but realistically that wasn't going to happen in my own apartment. Graphic design? Nah. Not the same feeling for me. Sculpture? Possibly-but ask me to define what sculpture meant to me and I couldn't.

So what kind of artist would I be? All I knew, and still know, is that I have to create something with my hands monthly - weekly if I can. I've always dreampt of creating something and people appreciating my creation.

So I dreaming about how to make that happen-and what "that" is. I'm scared and excited that my wish will come true.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

the debate.

Every time we, we meaning - my husband, me, and the baby, leave the house the debate always comes up.

"Do we need every thing in the diaper bag?"


"Why are we bringing so much stuff?"

What my wonderful husband doesn't understand is how we DO need everything.

What if we need that 3rd diaper? (Which we have.) Or the one toy that makes her smile? Don't forget about the back-up bottle or cheerios. Oh my!

But what really always overloads the darn bag is MY stuff. There are a few items I'm not willing to give up. I am keeping my beautiful leather wallet, my make-up case, and my sunglasses -- even if they push the limit of the bag. I can't give up any more of the little bits of me left. I realize if I did, the stuffed diaper bag would be less stuffed, but I need some of ME in that bag. I no longer tote around a hot bag of my own, so at the least I need the inside to reflect the old Cat.

Maybe if I explained this to my husband the debate would be understood-and the question would be answered before we leave the house...


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things I thought I knew and things I had no clue about...

When I found out I was pregnant I knew things were going to be different. I was going to put on weight (sigh -something not new - but in "new" places for me), I was going to be tired, I was going craving things to eat, - and then if all went well, I would have a healthy baby. All those things came true.

But what I didn't know is that I would get carpal tunnel during my pregnancy - so bad, I had to wear braces. After the baby arrived, I'd get wrist tendonitis (still have it 8.5 months later, 3 Dr visits, wrists guards at night, and 2 rounds of cortisone shots.) I also didn't know that I get eczema bad - like when I was a kid, all over my hands and legs -  and contact dermatitis on my fingers - from washing, washing, and washing my hands. These are 'sexy' (NOT) things I didn't know about....

So off to the skin Dr tomorrow - baby in tow....It's all worth it. Just saying "I had no clue!"


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MTOTW (Mom Tip of the Week.)

From friend and Mother - Erica B. - she says the Tide to Go pen has helped her many times... I myself needed this last week while wearing my new fav white blouse and splattering something all over myself. Sigh. (Btw, what's with me spilling on myself even if my baby doesn't do it first?!)


clean up after your pet.

Seattle is  a green place - filled with compost containers picked up by the city each week, recycle trash cans every where, tasty water from water fountains, and responsible dog owners....EXCEPT for two people on our street!

Yes, last night we saw in action the guilty dog owners. Yes she - and her boyfriend, were going to leave their dogs poop right in front our our townhouse complex--claiming it is "public property." Well, I'm proud to say, we called them out on this and they picked up their dog poop.

This afternoon, I posted signs outside our shared area that reads:


If we catch you not cleaning up after your pet, we will file a citation against you.

There are more than 75 different forms of bacteria and viruses contained in animal feces--

A number of these bacteria are transferable to humans. Dogs roaming the city deposit thousands of pounds of this material in public areas each year. A "scoop law" was passed in Seattle in 1982 stating that it is unlawful for an owner to:

A) Allow the accumulation of cat or dog feces in any open area of his/her property wherein dogs/cats are kept and fail to remove or dispose of feces at least once every 24 hours.

B) Fail to remove the fecal matter deposited by his/her animal on public property before the owner leaves the immediate area.

Here's to all you responsible pet owners--and to Seattle for making it law to be responsible.

I (heart) clippies!

Our baby arrived with a full head of hair - first quite dark like her Momma - but these days leaning more towards strawberry blonde - closer to her Dad's coloring.... ADORABLE I might add.

Well, due to this - I'm addicted to hair clips. It first started with bows - thanks Mom, but I'm now searching for the more unique the better.

I'm happy to report I just discovered May Crimson on Etsy - have ordered her owl, sheep, rooster (pictured), bird with heart. I'm in love! Plus her non-glue - clip inside the felt technique is perfect for keeping our baby safe.


Friday, August 27, 2010

7 months so far is the best.

I can honestly write that the 7 month mark for us has been the best. Yes, our little baby girl has been amazing, but this 7 month mark just takes the cake. I'm not sure why it's so different, but it just is. Our baby girl dances, giggles, squinches (sp?) up her face, says "SO BIG" with her hands, plays peek-a-boo, gives TONS of kisses. It's all good. Even with her first tooth coming in~!


MTOTW (Mom Tip of the Week.) Should really be MTOTM....

(Seems like I need to call this MTOTM since I'm not posting weekly...hmm, I'll see if I can get more regular with this...)
In the meantime, this Mommy tip is from my friend sister - Elizabeth. If you or your kiddo has a splinter and the top is sticking out a tiny bit, put a little Elmer's glue on it - let it dry and wa'la - it will peel right out.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baby/Kid cool site (I just discovered....)

Making travel with kids just a little bit easier.

If you're travelling to San Antonio, TX (of all places?) you can rent items too. Otherwise, have some neat finds for travelling beyond Texas...


wow, time is zipping by....

Our baby is starting to act like she's about to crawl, puts her hands out to be picked up, plays peek-a-boo, plays "so BIG!", gives kisses.... when did this all happen?! She's a little over 7 mos.... crazy!


MTOTW (Mom Tip of the Week.)

An old'ie but good'ie -- when at the beach and covered with sand, use baby powder (these days, not with talc - cornstarch works just as well) to remove the sand. This one is from my Mom. Works like a dream!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Timing is the key to life, isn't it?

 I JUST got the baby down to sleep (nap #2 which she desperately needs since nap #1 was too short...) and the handyman (yes, we have to hire someone to do our "honey-do list") is about to drill something LOUD right outside the door where she is crashed.

It really is all about timing isn't it? sigh.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

MTOTW (Mom Tip of the Week.)

I'm learning some amazing things from Moms during this journey. Sooo, I've decided to blog 1x a week "MTOTW" (Mom tip of the week.)

This week's tip is from Elena  who taught me to open a bag of chips from the bottom (vs the top) of the bag to get the 'flavor' of the chips.

Rock on Elena!

Got a Mom tip? Email me! cat@catbeagan.com


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why my Mom always had a cup of coffee handy....

and a nice robe. She still does btw. Why? Well, now being a Mom I can finally tell you. I always thought it was because she loved living in her robe and drinking coffee - and though she does - it's also because YOU HAVE NO TIME as a Mom! Why shouldn't you carry a thermos of coffee with you when you're driving around all day and need a pick me up? And if you're in the house doing house chores, why not stay in your robe?

Hence why yesterday, I purchased a nice lightweight robe - and a new insulated coffee mug...thank you very much.

Mom - hope you're okay with this pix! I think you look awesome.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dreams do come true.

You see, I always wanted to be a singer. But I can't carry a tune.

And I ALWAYS wanted to be a dancer, but club dancing in the 80s (oh yes, I was a club kid) - curbed that craving and dancing at weddings fills the desire these days....

But now with a baby - my dreams come true. I sing and dance all day long to the best audience ever. Our baby thinks I'm da bomb with both talents. Who knew?! Lol.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's the simple things.

If our baby cries, you can pat her mouth and make a 'wa-wa' sound. This makes her happy again.

If our baby cries in the car, you can sing the ABC song. This will make her stop.

If our baby needs a giggle, any funny mouth sound, polka dance, spinning movement, or whisper in her ear - will usually work.

Ah, if only this were so easy with clients, customers, in life, awkward moments,and more.... Can you imagine? Your client is on the phone upset and you just start singing the ABC song. Maybe I should try it next time something like that comes up... You wanna join me?


Thursday, May 27, 2010


I just logged into my LinkedIn account (first time, in well - awhile. Um, I actually got my last position - Managing Director of an Advertising/Marketing firm, or they 'found' me - via LinkedIn...) and searched "stay at home Mom" and got over 7k results.

Here's to you "Stay-at-Home-Moms" - I've officially joined your team. (and Yes, I've updated my profile.)


Ah Ha!

I never understood the "shawl" until I became a Mom. Now during feedings in the middle of the night, I am cold - get a chill, and I take the beautiful crochet blanket my Uncle's partner made for our daughter over my shoulders - wanting a shawl. Here's to bringing back the old ways for the new me.


has it really only taken me 5 months for me to lose my memory?

Hmmm. I never thought I would 'forget' the ways of business...at least not this soon. I was on maternity leave for 3 months, plus 2 months now not working - and it's well, seems to be somewhat gone. At least - I'm not thinking with it.

You see, I had a coffee date with a cool woman to discuss stuff - and a lot of marketing questions came up.... "Um, sure - I don't quite remember." Is this because I'm destined to do something more? Or is this due to breastfeeding? Or sleep deprived? It was so strange. Too bad I don't have a rewind, play button... Oh well, what I do have is a "now" button. I guess you could say since the baby, I'm more present than ever.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

What Moms know. (and I'm still learning)

Moms know the following:

1) you never have what you need even if your bag is stuffed with crap.

2) Ziploc bags are your best friend.

3) 1 hour of help from your husband, partner = 23 hours of work by you (definition of work = everything your baby needs)

4) you can survive with less sleep than you know.

5) breastfeeding is trickier than you think.

6) girlfriends are key when you have a baby.

7) if someone offers to help, let them.

8) you will never be the same multitasker, on time person again.

9) no one can prepare you for being a parent.

10) there is nothing better than looking into the eyes of your baby.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Your 45 mins are up.

Okay, creator of the Sleep Sheep - why the HECK do you make the darn thing stop after 45 mins? Every freaking time it makes my baby wake up.... You call your self the sleep sheep, so stay asleep until I wake you up please. BAHHHH!


Being a Mother in the US.

Makes you want to be a Canadian, eh? Yes, our beloved country - the US is last in this list. I guess our government doesn't find Motherhood important enough to recognize how imperative it is to give new Moms (heck Parents!) time off and enough of it.

Image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:MaternalLeaveAmerica.png


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

free gift with purchase.

You know what I'm talking about. My relationship with "free gift with purchase" started with the make-up counter when my Mom worked at Macy's.... These days it's turned into coffee punch cards all over the city of Seattle, free range - precooked chicken card from Whole Foods, Sephora VIP card, Aveda, and my favorite - Anthropologie.

Yes, every year, Anthropologie sends me a special "Happy Birthday" card with a % discount and something else - fabulous packaging. (Um, I wouldn't expect anything less from the fabulous, too expensive, I love everything inside store...) This year's card included a 'candle necklace' and my discount for the month of May. Don't you fear Anthropologie, I may be a Stay-at-Home-Mom right now, but I'll be visiting your store this week just for a little birthday treat for this Momma. (It also doesn't hurt one bit that my In-Laws gave me a gift certificate for my birthday. Thanks Susie & Doug! Wink, wink.)


Sunday, May 9, 2010

refreshed this Mother's Day.


That about sums up my 1st Mother's Day. It started at 3:42am. Okay, now you're thinking I'm crazy. But you see, 3:42am meant to me that our little baby girl slept for 7.5 hrs straight! Which means I got almost 5 hrs of straight zzzz's.

Don't worry - I got a few more hours more and then we were up around 7:30am. Dad took the baby to get a latte for me but instead surprised me with a bouquet, card ( both handpicked by our baby girl) - and a latte. ;)

Then, I did something I needed more than I even knew....I got in the water. I dusted off my old Excel 3.2 and got on a paddle board on our neighborhood lake. Husband pushed baby around the lake - while I paddled away. Wow, I needed that. The lake was super glassy, fish and turtles were out and about- and I got some well needed ME time.

Here's to all you Moms, Grandmothers, Aunts, Godmothers, Stepmothers...out there. May you get what you need in little ways every day.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Work out.

I'm going to have to start working out - harder. Not just because I need to lose these last 15 (okay, 20, sigh) pregnancy lbs, but because our baby is a drill Sargent! Up! Down! Up! Sideways! Next! Let's Go! Wait! Twist!....All day today! She's 4 months and already wearing me out. What's going to happen when she's actually moving?!


Monday, May 3, 2010

capital M.

For this blog (and anywhere else I use the words), I will be capitalizing the words:


It's a title worth honoring.


Full time.

I was lucky growing up with a stay at home
Mom. My Mom was always there to talk to, cry to, show something to, perform to, play with. My Mom gave Motherhood her full attention and she was (still is) great at it. 

When I look back, she treated Motherhood as a full time job (which we Mothers know how true that is.) I had no idea how much work (and how rewarding) this job would be.  I've never given so much to one job.

Before our daughter was born, I'd occasionally catch Oprah saying or read in a magazine something like "Mothers, don't forget to give to yourself.  Take a day off..." - and I'd think, "how could you NOT do that? Moms, just take off for a day."

Now I see... You can't really. I mean even when you head "out" for an hour - you are still working.  It's NOTHING like checking your Blackberry while on vacation.... It's all consuming.  Someone once told me men can't multitask because they are thinking about the task at hand - and then sex is on their mind 24/7.  Well maybe this Motherhood thing does something like that in our female brains.  We think about baby 24/7 - and then if we are lucky we can focus on ONE other thing at a time....

As a born multitasker - I'm finding this new FT gig the trickiest. I really have to BE IN THE MOMENT and embrace Motherhood 100%. I guess that is truly what you call full time.


Friday, April 23, 2010


When you are in marketing working for a client, internal client, or even yourself - everything is due yesterday (especially if it's digital mktg), well being a Mommy is a lesson on patience for me. Long are the days where I am on a conference call, sending / receiving / reading emails - while eating lunch. Now I'll be lucky if I can master this blog, keep sane, and our baby girl happy.

Just yesterday I dropped a spoon full of oatmeal (my breakfast) while nursing. Let's just say the oatmeal had to stay on our white rug until our baby was done. Shhh, patience. Time to slow down, enjoy life - even if it's a bit messier.