Tuesday, May 11, 2010

free gift with purchase.

You know what I'm talking about. My relationship with "free gift with purchase" started with the make-up counter when my Mom worked at Macy's.... These days it's turned into coffee punch cards all over the city of Seattle, free range - precooked chicken card from Whole Foods, Sephora VIP card, Aveda, and my favorite - Anthropologie.

Yes, every year, Anthropologie sends me a special "Happy Birthday" card with a % discount and something else - fabulous packaging. (Um, I wouldn't expect anything less from the fabulous, too expensive, I love everything inside store...) This year's card included a 'candle necklace' and my discount for the month of May. Don't you fear Anthropologie, I may be a Stay-at-Home-Mom right now, but I'll be visiting your store this week just for a little birthday treat for this Momma. (It also doesn't hurt one bit that my In-Laws gave me a gift certificate for my birthday. Thanks Susie & Doug! Wink, wink.)


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