Monday, May 3, 2010

Full time.

I was lucky growing up with a stay at home
Mom. My Mom was always there to talk to, cry to, show something to, perform to, play with. My Mom gave Motherhood her full attention and she was (still is) great at it. 

When I look back, she treated Motherhood as a full time job (which we Mothers know how true that is.) I had no idea how much work (and how rewarding) this job would be.  I've never given so much to one job.

Before our daughter was born, I'd occasionally catch Oprah saying or read in a magazine something like "Mothers, don't forget to give to yourself.  Take a day off..." - and I'd think, "how could you NOT do that? Moms, just take off for a day."

Now I see... You can't really. I mean even when you head "out" for an hour - you are still working.  It's NOTHING like checking your Blackberry while on vacation.... It's all consuming.  Someone once told me men can't multitask because they are thinking about the task at hand - and then sex is on their mind 24/7.  Well maybe this Motherhood thing does something like that in our female brains.  We think about baby 24/7 - and then if we are lucky we can focus on ONE other thing at a time....

As a born multitasker - I'm finding this new FT gig the trickiest. I really have to BE IN THE MOMENT and embrace Motherhood 100%. I guess that is truly what you call full time.

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