Sunday, May 9, 2010

refreshed this Mother's Day.


That about sums up my 1st Mother's Day. It started at 3:42am. Okay, now you're thinking I'm crazy. But you see, 3:42am meant to me that our little baby girl slept for 7.5 hrs straight! Which means I got almost 5 hrs of straight zzzz's.

Don't worry - I got a few more hours more and then we were up around 7:30am. Dad took the baby to get a latte for me but instead surprised me with a bouquet, card ( both handpicked by our baby girl) - and a latte. ;)

Then, I did something I needed more than I even knew....I got in the water. I dusted off my old Excel 3.2 and got on a paddle board on our neighborhood lake. Husband pushed baby around the lake - while I paddled away. Wow, I needed that. The lake was super glassy, fish and turtles were out and about- and I got some well needed ME time.

Here's to all you Moms, Grandmothers, Aunts, Godmothers, Stepmothers...out there. May you get what you need in little ways every day.

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