Saturday, May 22, 2010

What Moms know. (and I'm still learning)

Moms know the following:

1) you never have what you need even if your bag is stuffed with crap.

2) Ziploc bags are your best friend.

3) 1 hour of help from your husband, partner = 23 hours of work by you (definition of work = everything your baby needs)

4) you can survive with less sleep than you know.

5) breastfeeding is trickier than you think.

6) girlfriends are key when you have a baby.

7) if someone offers to help, let them.

8) you will never be the same multitasker, on time person again.

9) no one can prepare you for being a parent.

10) there is nothing better than looking into the eyes of your baby.

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