Sunday, September 26, 2010

becareful what you wish for...

A friends facebook profile status said something like this recently. Her business is doing some amazing things and well-I'm assuming it's amazing and scary at the same time.

Growing up I was going to be an "artist". I did well in art, everyone praised my skill, it came naturally to me - so of course that is what I'd do. But what kind of art? Photography? No-too messy with all the chemicals - though cool. Painting? Same thing. I loved working with oil paint-but realistically that wasn't going to happen in my own apartment. Graphic design? Nah. Not the same feeling for me. Sculpture? Possibly-but ask me to define what sculpture meant to me and I couldn't.

So what kind of artist would I be? All I knew, and still know, is that I have to create something with my hands monthly - weekly if I can. I've always dreampt of creating something and people appreciating my creation.

So I dreaming about how to make that happen-and what "that" is. I'm scared and excited that my wish will come true.


  1. Your story sounds familiar.. so here's a push:

    DO IT ALL!

    Not all at once, but every spare moment, create! Cut paper for collage, take snapshots, collect found art - this act of gather for a work opens the creative tap.

    Photography - you really don't have to process your own film - even pros send to a lab (yes, there are some left). You could snapshots your love of nature, people, fashion, little one and creatively alter it for some fun...

    Paint - hot tip, don't try to change the world or create a masterpiece with painting #1. That 'fear' keep me from painting for YEARS. grab a watercolor postcard pad and a little travel set of colors and paint when your little one naps... try different mediums (there's even a new oil that works with water!!!) pastels, paint sticks...

    Sculpture - so fun, but stone and metal are hard to do around kids. Clay would work to get your fingers working ;) wood, plaster, wax, paper mache (you could have a helper on this one...

    Personal regrets I hope to pass on to you... don't wait, don't fear! Go boldly forth and grab every moment for creating. If you get one great work out of 10, jump for joy.

    If you want to go pro and show - start working on 10 - 20 of one category of thought (an idea, a subject, a geographical area - anything) and one medium.

    You'll know what kind of artist you will be when you are done.

  2. Thanks Roxanne for your push! I'm trying day by day / little step by step.