Saturday, September 25, 2010

the debate.

Every time we, we meaning - my husband, me, and the baby, leave the house the debate always comes up.

"Do we need every thing in the diaper bag?"


"Why are we bringing so much stuff?"

What my wonderful husband doesn't understand is how we DO need everything.

What if we need that 3rd diaper? (Which we have.) Or the one toy that makes her smile? Don't forget about the back-up bottle or cheerios. Oh my!

But what really always overloads the darn bag is MY stuff. There are a few items I'm not willing to give up. I am keeping my beautiful leather wallet, my make-up case, and my sunglasses -- even if they push the limit of the bag. I can't give up any more of the little bits of me left. I realize if I did, the stuffed diaper bag would be less stuffed, but I need some of ME in that bag. I no longer tote around a hot bag of my own, so at the least I need the inside to reflect the old Cat.

Maybe if I explained this to my husband the debate would be understood-and the question would be answered before we leave the house...

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