Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I dig clever Moms.

I just love when I stumble across another cool thing a local Mom is doing (heck, doesn't have to be local...)

The latest discovery has been Twirl Cafe in the Seattle community - Queen Anne. It's a place to be a parent, with a child, have a coffee and chill. There are classes and other cool things.

The Mom here (Um, sadly I can't find her name on her blog...but then again, I'm sleep deprived) has opened this cafe to support parents out there. I'm very excited to go check it out and make it a new stomping ground as a SAHM.

Other cool Moms doing clever things....

More to come I'm sure...

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Monday, October 18, 2010


Recently I discovered that our local community center (1 min from our house) is closing its doors to the people and open Parks and Recreation offices instead. According to the sources - it was still in discussion and we did have an opportunity to voice our opinions and hopefully change the city council's decision.

So, I wrote letters and attended this past Saturday's meeting with a city council representative.

Today, Monday-I noticed while @ the community center-there were signs about closure for the offices as of Nov 4th!


What about this speaks "community" to you? How does opening business offices in our parks community center help us local citizens AND folks who visit?

Where we live is a beautiful park, lake, wading pool, and more for Seattle-ites - and now other elements like yoga, music, daycare, etc will be gone.

We can *drive* to another community center, but that's NOT why we moved to this part of town. We chose this community to purchase our 1st home for *all* that it has to offer.

I'm disappointed in this decision-and the lack of community involvement it included.

And yes, this will be sent to my City Council reps.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

no more set classes for us

This month I paid for 4 classes for baby and me - that each go on for 4 weeks or more - which we've only been to say 3 classes total. I think 9 months officially marks the time for no "set time" classes for us-but instead drop in. Live and learn.

in the car

Our baby girl can sleep in the car...
She can scream in the car...

**I can drink coffee in the car...
Even nap in the car...
Sometimes read in the car...
Watch the rain in the car...
Check my email in the car...
Blog in the car...
Catch up on news in the car...
Put on makeup in the car...
Heck, pluck eyebrows in the car...
Nurse in the car...

What I can't do? Laundry, dishes, organize, art projects (though I'm rethinking this one), cook (no loss there), and other annoying household chores...

So maybe in the car isn't so bad after all.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

on this night...

On this night I sit (again) in our glider, baby dozing off, looking at the half moon wondering how many Mommas have done this same thing, are doing it, or will do it soon.

I'm beat. Our 9 month old baby girl is cutting her 3rd tooth-and this one is different.

This one hurts.

She's very clingy, needy, and tired. And sleep is tough (for all of us).

When did we (Moms) lose our network? Our other Mommas to lessen the weight? Our families-to give us a break? Our sisters to lend a hand?

I'm beat. I'm old. I think of all of you who did this before me for strength. (I really do!)

Oh baby girl - sleeeeeeeeep.

Friday, October 1, 2010

what is your favorite thing to do today?

What is your favorite thing to do today?
Is it roll on your back and dream of hay?
Is it to kiss your Mommy and say no way?
Or is to play with a Monkey all day?

What is your favorite thing to do today?
Is it to sqeeze your sophie giraffe and play?
Is it to run around the lake with Mom and say "okay" the whole way?
Is it to sit on the swing and count the birds flying away?

What is your favorite thing to do today?

*Cat 10/1/10 along side of Ms M laughing away...