Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Recently a guy friend of my husband expressed to him that he "...thought I was a 'go-getter' and was surprised I was no longer working."

When did being a SAHM mean you were no longer a go-getter? (Definition of a "go-getter" = a person who acts and gets things done.)

I've actually never stopped being a go-getter...HECK, I've actually been more of a go-getter as a SAHM than I ever have been. Even when our daughter sleeps, I'm doing something. I'm going, going, go----going.

So why does society related being a stay-at-home-mom as a less than motivating thing for a woman to do? Here's what I say to that - being a SAHM should be defined as a Go-Getter.


original post: http://frommarketertomommy.blogspot.com/2011/02/go-getter.html

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i wanna be that person....

who can pack up dinner, drinks, attire, face lotion (wait, can you bring this?), and more in a backpack and head out to the wilderness - but i don't think it's in me. i browse through friends pictures of this - especially my friends/family in the Northwest, and i think "oh that is how you do it?", "wow! that looks like fun!" - but then reality hits and i realize i couldn't pack all my nightly items (face lotion, hand lotion, lip balm) AND I wouldn't have my pillows (yes, plural. I need many.) so maybe this camping thing really isn't for me.

maybe i'm more of a day tripper....hmmm.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm in love. (and obsessed.)

a friend posted a link to the blog - design*sponge - and well, I'm in love (and obsessed.) my husband and I are in discussion to redo our kitchen, master bath, and possibly the garden (that is my dream at least.) and now I'm daydreaming with the help of design*sponge. i don't know where to start. WAHHHH! I want it all NOW. I know, "have patience, have patience...don't be in such a hurry..."