Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Indoor solutions for these gray, rainy, blah, days....

My Mom always says, "how lucky you are to live in such a family friendly city." I am - we are....especially since right now is gray, cool, and wet season... In other words "blah."

Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without all these avenues in Seattle:

Toddler friendly cafes: (aka - coffee for Mom. Play space for kiddos)
  • Twirl (Queen Anne. $5 for open play all day)
  • Green Leaf (Greenwood)
  • Cafe Bonjour (Green Lake)
  • Seattle community centers (Green Lake, Northgate - limited indoor play times)
  • Swimming! Green Lake, Ballard, and more - community centers.
  • Woodland Zoo (Zoonazium - inside space)
  • Aquarium (fish fish and more amazing fish)

  • Tutta Bella (Fremont)
  • Tacos Guaymas (Green Lake) 
Bars: (yes, BARS and yes, the restaurants above also serve alcohol.) 
  •  Fremont Brewery (Um, Fremont)

Know more places? Email me and I'll check 'em out too :)