Saturday, July 23, 2011

Little reminders...

I am sitting here in front of the computer looking at old pictures (I was actually looking for some wedding shots, but instead found a pregnancy and then the delivery folders!) I can't believe that our baby girl - pictured here at 18 weeks - is now 18 months. What the ????

Not only did I find pictures, but I also found video - including hospital video, delivery video, and welcoming home video. Jake and I look so clueless in all of it. Didn't know what to expect. Didn't know what to do, say, ___ (fill in the blank.)

AND - I was sooo big at the 42 weeks (yes, our baby girl was 2 weeks late!) Wowza. BIG-BIG-BIG all over.

Just today I was thinking of wanting to get pregnant again. Hmmm, I think I'll enjoy summer and each day with our growing toddler instead for now...

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