Monday, August 15, 2011

10 surprises.

Things I wasn't expecting as a parent:

  1. We now have a stocked fridge. No more - nothing to eat days really. I shop weekly and fill up the cart with food that I'm starting to prep and prepare.
  2. I'm planning dinners more. And I'm the cook of the house (husband was the cook before. He's still the chef though.)
  3. I can work on something and not finish it that same day - and be okay with that.
  4. Naps are wonderful.
  5. Not doing housework and taking a nap or reading a book or chilling is something I must do daily for my survival.
  6. I never knew how much coffee I could drink and still sleep.
  7. I don't miss clients. I don't miss client meetings.
  8. I do miss adults. I do miss adults talking about things OTHER than babies, children, etc. I never understood how much a parent can talk about the kid.
  9. Getting me time 1x a week is a must and makes everything even sweeter.
  10. Seeing something for the first time again through your child's eyes is so amazing and cool - it's indescribable.