Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Loves start so early.

All my life I've been drawn to certain things...Peter pan collars. Puff sleeves. Pugs. NYC.

Little did I know that a lot of my "loves" came from my favorite book growing up - Eloise.

My Grandmother, who I called Omi, had lived in NYC. She told me stories of living in the big city, shopping, taking 'fashion' pictures with her beautiful sisters on 'tar beach' (rooftop of their apartment building), and I related all of this to this book.

Here was this little girl character, who was basically raised by her Nanny - and lived in the Plaza. She had an imagination that I adored, a pug, a turtle, life with grown ups...I thought she was fantastic.

While I was living in NYC in my 20s, I had the chance to meet the Illustrator, Hilary Knight, who (cough cough) I had always thought was female at B&N on the Upper East side for a book signing. (Okay, this was pre-Google....yes, I could have researched Hilary a bit more in the library..but..I didn't.)

It's funny - from 1-30 years old, I didn't think much about what I loved, I just did. I just loved certain things so much and went with it. Now at 40, I realize how much these little, important moments followed me through so much of my life and still do.

And I wonder what our daughter will bring with her along the journey....A Mom who makes up funny songs to anything that buzzes? Rain and spiders and mountains which exist in plenty here in the Northwest? A Daddy who loves Chocolate milk as much as she does? Hmmmmmmmm - Love starts so early.

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