Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We have a 20 - almost 21 month old - baby girl who (cough cough) has more shoes than I do. I used to be that woman who purchased a new outfit, new accessory, new ____, weekly - but no longer. Now it's my daughter. My daughter who owns the cutest shoes ever, but ... ONLY WEARS her rain boots. Forget if it's raining or not, she ONLY wants to wear her "BOOOOOTS."

Don't get me wrong, she looks fabulous, but some outfits would look cuter with a pair of See Kai Run mary janes or sandals or....

No, I'm not that Mom. I'm just a Mom who used to be more of a slave to fashion and now wears hoodies and jeans and dresses her daughter up for occasions like music class, play dates, or gymnastics.

Now where are my Hunter boots? High Gloss please.

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