Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today as I looked (again) at my dry, colored hair...gray coming in ... I thought about NOT coloring my hair. I've been changing my hair color since I was 14. Only when I was 31 did I realize my hair was a color I was striving for - for years, left it alone and then saw too much gray...and colored it again.

Now I'm 40 and well, the gray is there in full effect.

It's wire'y. It's dry. I pay too much $$ to make it young, fresh looking and wonder, hmm, would a box of color in my own bathroom do the same thing? Probably yes. Color over the gray. It being still dull. still dry....Yep.

But then I wonder, maybe I should leave it alone. Maybe it would be happier left alone like when I was 31....Maybe I'd be happier with it too..

So maybe I will go gray at 40?


  1. Go grey! It will make you feel like a new person! Post a photo standing under a grey sky for all to see.
    Signed barely grey but pulling one wire at a time