Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I have a stack of December magazines just waiting for me to sit and enjoy. I love magazines....I want to make every craft project, cook every recipe, try every travel spot....

But when, where, how? How do I start all of it? Sigh. I want to have that room that stops the clock from moving and I can do what I need to do creatively for however long I need and not miss out on anything else....

Here's to the inspirational magazines...and finding time to do something creative.


  1. I have one magazine that comes once a month, never read it. I haven't watched prime time tv in five years. I got my first haircut last month for the first time in one year and 12 days. I get on Facebook about five times a year. Is there a way with kids, running your own business and taking care of your house that you can ever find time for yourself? For me, my insomnia three times a week allows me to enjoy threes co reruns back to back at 3am. It actually may be more enjoyable to watch mr furley's outfits than some episode of the bachelor, jersey shores or mob wives.
    I went from high heels and parties to high chairs and potties

  2. I hear you Momma (as I sit here responding to your comment from January of 2012. Sigh.)