Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I learned from working at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia....

me running through Starrett Lehigh
I worked at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia from 1999-2003. I learned a lot from that experience, good, bad, awesome, and funny things, but what I remember most is the following:

*You can make a snack (or lunch or dinner!) out of tomato juice and pretzel rods - and dessert out of many packets of instant oatmeal (Maple brown sugar was the all time favorite.)  Also, a nice, refreshing beverage is seltzer plus a touch of cranberry juice. (When I worked at Starrett Lehigh building we didn't have much around us to shop, eat, etc - let alone a rooftop gathering..)

*Everything appears much nicer in set of 3 (vs 2 or 4) for decorating. I've carried this on throughout my personal decorating life and It really does make a difference.

party with the team at Gael's
*Wear MORE COLOR! In 1999, I walked into the office in black, black and more black. I mean, HELLO - I lived in NYC! But seeing and working with New Yorkers who were creative and wore color was inspiring. Yes, I still wear a lot of gray and black, but a pair of pink Hunter rain boots make Seattle rain feel much more manageable on any day....

*Ramekins are amazing.  I registered for 12 of these from Crate in Barrel in 2007 for us and use them ALL the time. Especially great for reheating toddler food, projects, and more.

First MSO Holiday party at Starrett Lehigh
So yes, Martha, It's been awhile and I've made a lot of changes since those days in NYC, but I'm thinking of you today and all those amazing people you have on staff old and new ;) -- all while admiring my new entry way bench with 3 cubbies brought to us via Home Depot - the MSO brand, of course.

Friday, January 20, 2012

In my spare time I could...

*refurnish a dresser
*paint all the walls in our home fun, unique colors
*start on handmade gifts for christmas 2012
*finish our daughter's 2 year old birthday thank you cards
*make one of those recipes I've collected for the last 10 years
*clean the garage
*organize the garage
*go find the perfect item at goodwill and fix it up so the $7 I spent on it makes it look like I spent $250 on it

Okay, where the he___ do people find the time to do all this stuff?!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


As I sit at our local coffee shop - Irwins, I witness a Nanny dressed well who comes in with two girls for a treat. Looks like they are all getting a piece of pie after school. Maybe the girls are 7 and 5 - probably about right since there is an elementary school up the street. I can't help but over hear the girls talking to the Nanny. Typical sister stuff, "She got the piece with more sugar" - but I also over hear comments like "My Mommy lets me ---blah blah" and "You are my Mommy" - but the Nanny says, "Nope I'm not." and "No, you can not look in my wallet."

I get it. Of course the 7 year old can't look in her wallet. Boundaries are important. Heck, I'm not sure I'd let our daughter look in mine at 2, 3...7+ years old. But the tone of the person who isn't the Mom made me think, do I want this? I'm always day dreaming about more time for me, but I'm not sure I want someone else watching my child after school, etc. What is this fear all about? It would be good for our little girl to get more familiar with other care givers (she's at home with a dear one now...)

Making me think while I'm supposedly focusing only on ME during ME time in a cafe....

Love & Hate Relationship

What I love about living in the Northwest in January:

  1. Even though it's colder outside, there is still plenty of green outside. Green plants, green trees, green blooms. 
  2. It feels totally, 100% acceptable to drink coffee all day, just the way I like it. 
  3. It does get cold, but never so cold that I can't feel my face. 
  4. Layers look cool and are very effective in an ever-changing climate. 
  5. Our daughters love of rain boots, comes in very handy and looks adorable. 
  6. My newish pink Hunter boots work well too.
What I hate about living in the Northwest in January: 
  1. Gray, gray, and more gray.
  2. Did I mention gray?
  3. All I want to do is drink coffee and eat carbs....and butter...and sugar..more carbs.....
  4. Getting OUTside with a Toddler seems harder and harder to do. 
  5. I miss the sun, the surf, the sun, the surf, the sun, the surf that we used to have in southern California.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Throwing a themed 2 year old birthday party....

Our little girl is now officially a 2-year-old. Seriously, I cannot believe it!

For her birthday, we decided to have it at our beloved, local children's bookstore, Mockingbird Books - for a couple of reasons....

1) Support local business
2) have SPACE for the kids (our home is tiny)
3) Do it some where - where the toddlers could be entertained (they have a train table, art table, books, piano, and more) 

So I thought, well, since it is as a book store, I needed a book theme, and since our girl's favorite book these days is Ladybug Girl, we'd go that route.... And of course that would be easy right? I mean, there must be Ladybug Girl themed party stuff, right?

Um, nope.

So I had to rethink this - you know, in my 'spare' time (insert all Mom's out there laughing...)

I knew I could do this. Even with family in town, the holidays around the corner, no presents wrapped...I could do this. Happily, I pulled it off. I couldn't have done it without the help of my family - so thanks to all who helped! Here how it panned out...
We made "antennas" with pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and headbands! a HIT!
Handmade LBG cupcake toppers
Black & Red balloons

Thanks To Gammy & Auntie Nini, our girl was truly LBG!

Fun Ladybug chocolates found at World Market

We also had a color table with free printable color sheets from LBG's website and Katy Webber from Musikal Magik came and sung Ladybug Picnic for a special treat. Also, Sue from the bookstore read the latest book from the Ladybug Girl series.

All-in-all, a pretty fun day.  It was pretty fun to get creative for our little girl.

One two three 
Four five six  
Seven eight nine  
Ten eleven twelve
Ladybugs Came to the ladybugs' picnic....

Special thanks to Mockingbird Books, Musikal Magik, Gammy & Nini, All of our girls friends and family, and of course Our Families!

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Possibilities

My side of the family just left Seattle after a 2 and 1/2 week visit for Christmas, our daughter's 2nd birthday, and NYE 2012 (babysitting, of course.)

This visit was another bittersweet trip. My husband and I counted down till their visit, excited for the possibilities!  ...But like every holiday - it had it's up and downs. Just like the "holiday movies we love" Mom kept saying (our favorite family movie is from the 1995 movie, Home for the Holidays) during this trip. "That's why we love that movie so much...." Ah, family.

Quote from Home for the Holidays, so you get what I'm saying here....
"Nobody means what they say on Thanksgiving, Mom. You know that. That's what the day's supposed to be all about, right? Torture."

But here's the thing, we forgot about all that the last night of the visit. Mom had an idea to do a Vision Board for 2012, so we did.  Taking old magazines and putting out there what we want for the year ahead. It got me excited about what's in store and focus a bit on what IS important.

So maybe this will help me for the next remember why we get together and what we love about those holiday movies, good and bad.

Love you guys.