Thursday, January 12, 2012


As I sit at our local coffee shop - Irwins, I witness a Nanny dressed well who comes in with two girls for a treat. Looks like they are all getting a piece of pie after school. Maybe the girls are 7 and 5 - probably about right since there is an elementary school up the street. I can't help but over hear the girls talking to the Nanny. Typical sister stuff, "She got the piece with more sugar" - but I also over hear comments like "My Mommy lets me ---blah blah" and "You are my Mommy" - but the Nanny says, "Nope I'm not." and "No, you can not look in my wallet."

I get it. Of course the 7 year old can't look in her wallet. Boundaries are important. Heck, I'm not sure I'd let our daughter look in mine at 2, 3...7+ years old. But the tone of the person who isn't the Mom made me think, do I want this? I'm always day dreaming about more time for me, but I'm not sure I want someone else watching my child after school, etc. What is this fear all about? It would be good for our little girl to get more familiar with other care givers (she's at home with a dear one now...)

Making me think while I'm supposedly focusing only on ME during ME time in a cafe....

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