Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I learned from working at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia....

me running through Starrett Lehigh
I worked at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia from 1999-2003. I learned a lot from that experience, good, bad, awesome, and funny things, but what I remember most is the following:

*You can make a snack (or lunch or dinner!) out of tomato juice and pretzel rods - and dessert out of many packets of instant oatmeal (Maple brown sugar was the all time favorite.)  Also, a nice, refreshing beverage is seltzer plus a touch of cranberry juice. (When I worked at Starrett Lehigh building we didn't have much around us to shop, eat, etc - let alone a rooftop gathering..)

*Everything appears much nicer in set of 3 (vs 2 or 4) for decorating. I've carried this on throughout my personal decorating life and It really does make a difference.

party with the team at Gael's
*Wear MORE COLOR! In 1999, I walked into the office in black, black and more black. I mean, HELLO - I lived in NYC! But seeing and working with New Yorkers who were creative and wore color was inspiring. Yes, I still wear a lot of gray and black, but a pair of pink Hunter rain boots make Seattle rain feel much more manageable on any day....

*Ramekins are amazing.  I registered for 12 of these from Crate in Barrel in 2007 for us and use them ALL the time. Especially great for reheating toddler food, projects, and more.

First MSO Holiday party at Starrett Lehigh
So yes, Martha, It's been awhile and I've made a lot of changes since those days in NYC, but I'm thinking of you today and all those amazing people you have on staff old and new ;) -- all while admiring my new entry way bench with 3 cubbies brought to us via Home Depot - the MSO brand, of course.

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