Thursday, March 1, 2012


I used to shop for clothes all the time before baby. If I was having "one of those days" at the office, a trip to one of my favorite shops would make it all seem to disappear. I would walk into the office the next day in a new pair of shoes, or sweater, or new accessories with a smile. All was good again.

Hmm, that's not my life anymore. I'm lucky if I grab something off the rack at Target while I'm getting diapers. It never fits. It looks like crap, and well, doesn't have the same effect.

Granted, I don't have those days much anymore. I mean, my client is a 2 year old. Even if it's a trying day, I still smile 80% of the time. But I'm feeling it in my wardrobe. I went on a trip recently (pictured above) to Whidbey Island wearing a hand me down raincoat from my Brother-in-Law, an Anthropologie beanie I've bought 3+ years ago...I scarf I got as a gift years ago, and the same jeans and sweater I had worn all weekend.

Now I get why my Mom always wore the same item - many, many times... Maybe Mom can come for a visit and the 2 of us can go shopping?!

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