Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just another night at the movies...

When did movie tickets go up to $11? AND When did I turn into the Mom at the theater?

Okay, I haven't been to a movie for a long time - say 6 months, but come on! Is that long enough to raise ticket prices and a group of 15 year old girls say something stupid about boys- and me giving them "the look" - you know, the one that says "WHAT?! YOU'RE WAY TO YOUNG TO THINK ABOUT THAT!"

And then, me think "WAIT, When did I cross over to be old enough to be a 15 year old girl's mother?"

All I wanted was a quiet date night at the movies...At the least it was nice to get out with the husband, the $6 popcorn was yummy, and the movie based off a teenage book series was enjoyable.

Guess, I should have guessed this all would've happened when I picked the movie. God knows, I'm old enough to know better. ;)