Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Our 2 1/2 year old eats well. At least that\'s what other parents tell me while their little one refuses to eat something. But I always wonder if I\'m giving her too much sugar, not enough protein, too many carbs.

I recently learned from our amazing sitter, Mom of 2 young boys, about the nibble tray. It is pretty sweet idea. Basically a simply dish with a few "nibbles" in a dish with 6 or more separate food areas (ie ice cube tray.). Your toddler can nibble at it all day. You put colorful snacks for the child to choose all day on his/her own. Pretty good idea for the "I\'ll do it myself!" stage toddler.

Thinking that we never seem to be home anymore, maybe a small tackle or bead box would work for us. Yeah, she might be an better eater than some, but I think there\'s always a little room for healthy improvement for all of us. ;)