Monday, November 12, 2012


Recently a friend on FB posted an article about unplugging and listening to your kid(s). The article basically told the reader to STOP and BE with our children who are begging for attention. Who need us to be present.

At first I got angry. I always feel like the one time in public if I pick up my phone while pushing my daughter on a swing, someone in Seattle gives me the ?>_?!*! look - which means, "Gawed, you're an awful parent who ignores her child."

But honestly, I feel like I give a lot to our child and sometimes, I just need my old self back. You know the "all about me!" self, where I check my own email, browse some useless site, and just numb out for 5 minutes and you know what, that 5 minutes might be to her back while she's swinging. This btw does not mean I'm not an engaged parent.

But today, I tried a different approach since this article was on my mind. Did I put down my iPhone 100% today? Nope. But instead of checking my email and text messages with no purpose, I focused my time with my daughter and made sure when I checked email/text - I did it consciously. When our daughter talked to me throughout the day, I gave her eye attention even if I was washing dishes.  When we were doing something together like getting dressed, playing, making art, I concentrated and focused on what we did do, vs. what I/we weren't doing.

Did we do anything out of the ordinary today? No! We did our Monday ballet class in the morning - then lunch with friends, M napped (and yes, I folded laundry and checked my email/text messages, uploaded video to FB and sent it to my husband), then we did some play and ventured to Target to pick up the exciting stuff like paper towels.

Nothing out of the ordinary, and it wasn't crazy hard, it was just more connected to each other and the moment vs FB and Pinterest. ;-)

Image Credit: Rue Photography