Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tonight she's 3; tomorrow she's 4.

On December 29th, 2009 - I remember not being able to sleep with the knowledge she'd be with us in the morning (I was induced for 3 days with no progress - so c-section was finally scheduled.)

I wondered what she would be like. How the surgery would go. Would I be able to take it? Would I be an okay parent? What were we about to head into?

My husband slept while I questioned everything. I just was so excited and freaked out all at the same time.

The surgery was fine - minus the fact I was extremely dehydrated and my husband was late to the delivery room (long and funny story.) She came out pink and happy to "What a Feeling" on our gifted delivery music from an awesome girlfriend.

This journey has been insane. Slow moving the first year then a roller coaster of speed these last three years. She's turning into a little person full of gusto and grace.

I love our girl and who she is becoming before my eyes - and how she sees life. Happy Birthday M!

Artist: M
Description: Mom self portrait December 29, 2013 on her 4th Birthday Eve

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Just Enough.

Sometimes linking to another blogger is just enough. Read more on Hands Free Mama.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's all about the scent.

I love a good scent. A special candle that reminds me of a summer day. An essential oil that reminds me of when I first met my husband.

I was lucky enough to be asked to review a few scents from a fabulous Seattle shop owner, Joy, at Olivine Atelier, and provide my input.

First off, I loved all of them. Is that possible? The names and packaging alone got me. (I'm all about the packaging in case you don't know that about me yet…)

My top three are:

Gardenias, pikaki, jasmine with vanilla reminds me of my trips to Maui, beach spray in my hair and tan on my skin even though I was wearing 50 spf most of the day, but sun is sun. Yes, I belong in Maui and yes, this scent proves it.

Are Joy and I meant to be friends? I'm a surfer in a city where the closet surf is 3 hours away and cold even on the hottest weather day. This scent with gardenia and coconut reminds me of our days surfing 2 -even 3 times a day in southern California. Yes, I'd like to be in the waves daily and this scent helps me get there even if I'm only near a lake.

The combination of jasmine, moroccan red rose, musk, blackberry, and just a hint of patchouli (don't worry, not too much!) just works. It makes you feel fresh and feminine without all the fuss.

PLUS 5% of the net sales from all Olivine Atelier products will be donated to Every Mother Counts.  These funds will go toward improving the health and well-being of girls and women worldwide.

Definitely fun holiday ideas for you, your girlfriend, or your guy for inspiration. 


In case you don't know this about me, I love the idea of a party. I used to take my magazines, and cut out anything party worthy and put in my binder (okay, or put away to file away into my party binder if we're being honest here.)

Well, since Pinterest (Sorry print publishing friends), I'm more likely to pin my favorite ideas and look at them later. I've narrowed my pins to 40 boards (which btw, Pinterest, I need sub boards please!), 7,420 pins (so far), and 782 followers.

Honestly, not much to brag about in the world of Pinterest.

But here's the thing, I have most of my followers on ONE of my boards - "Girl Birthday Party Ideas." I have 622 followers so far. So now, the pinning has changed. I pin ideas that I feel are clever, but might not be for our girl - but could be for yours. I daydream of the idea of putting these ideas together, planning your little girls birthday party too, and maybe one day getting paid for this joy of mine.

Feel free to follow me on my party journey! 

GLMs - Still totally awesome

Not only is Green Lake Moms (GLMs) totally awesome this year (and every other year!), I got interviewed to share about our group on Red Tricycle. Check it out! 

I'm a talker...

I like to share. When I have an idea about something, anything, I talk to people (friends, not just any person. ;) I sometimes talk myself into the idea...sometimes out...sometimes later. I like to talk through ideas - like walking through a door.

Like this....talking through a blog post.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Letting go of perfection

...or at least my attempt of perfection.

Last week was a long one. I feel like on some days we're getting rid of the "nap" and some days, we need the nap.

When there is no nap, I don't get that extra hour to two hours to clean, chill, catch up on my TV shows (yes, I admit it!), email, craft - you name the action that is easier to do at home without a 3 3/4 year old awake or a husband home, and you get the idea.

Last long week meant less naps and me filling my free time during preschool with too much. ANY one else do that? So this Sunday instead of planning something, we made Halloween cookies.

We made the cookies and we made a huge mess. We were in our tiny kitchen for over 3 hours adding ingredients, following one of our girl's favorite book - Sugar Cookies - Sweet Lessons on Love, recipe.

Our girl even insisted we sit down and read the story before we start. "Let's sit Momma and read the book first."

Even our girl needed to slow down.

We tried a new icing - easy sugar cookie icing,  which was not perfect, but so good with a 3 year old. Not only was it easy to spread and put all over the kitchen, she got to add food coloring to make secondary colors in a ziplock bag.

What I learned through this experience was that I really need to stop doing so much and enjoy the mess of life - when everything doesn't fit in a perfect place, where I don't get everything done, when we're not planned minute by minute...and where the messy kitchen no matter how sticky is extra sweet and easy to clean up when it's time to do so.

Here's to slowing down and enjoying the moments.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thank you.

It's been one of those off weeks, so I've decided to remind myself of how many reasons I'm thankful...

I'm thankful for:

  • Friends & family near and far connecting via social media, Skype, and text!!!
  • Better - manageable news from a dear friend
  • Fall nights and crisp sunny days
  • Giggles from dancing in the living room
  • The ability to walk to so many places from our home
  • Hugs and kisses
  • The improvement of "please" and "thank yous" in our house
  • The excitement behind Halloween planning in our house
  • A nap happening today! First time this week
  • New recipe for me that was beyond delicious
  • Going to bed early last night
  • Watching our girl with her friends
  • A full week of preschool 
  • Patience
  • My Man

Thursday, September 12, 2013

2013 & Totally Awesome

Green Lake Moms won a 2013 Totally Awesome Award! Read more....

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bye Bye Summer 2013

Wait? Summer is over?

 It just got sunny. It just became warm. Our girl was just starting camp. Vacations were quickly approaching...

And now it's the evening before our girl's first day of her 2nd year of preschool.

Halloween cards are in the drug stores.

Spiders are weaving their crafty webs.

Trees are starting to turn slightly.

But I'm not ready to wave goodbye. I want to hear the surf, sand under my toes, and enjoy our long days. On my vision board for 2013 - it reads "Live Aloha" and "take Summer with me every day" - so here's to my self made mantras.

I'll keep you posted on how I keep the sand on my toes and not in my house.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Our 3.5 year old daughter loves our iPad. It was originally a birthday gift for ME in May 2010. But let's be honest, she uses it most in this house of three. It's crucial when we travel on planes, long car drives and more. She gets 5 minutes of it before nap time which can be as long as 15 minutes if we need it. Okay maybe 20. She has discovered sushi candy making kits, How-to do Princess make-up, and How-to bake cakes - especially her own 3 year old birthday cake she requested thanks to YouTube. She plays games, watches movies, decorates cookies, buys make believe groceries, and more...

But this weekend, we went to the island - a ferry trip away, to hang with her grandparents, Mimi & Gramps, and there was NO ASK for the iPad. Not one time. Not until we walked into our house 48 hours later, did it even come up.

On the island there was plenty of family to play with her, grass to run in, paint to paint with, chalk to draw with, new experiences to explore.

I'm grateful for our mini break for many reasons, reasons that I expected (visit with Grandparents and family, new scenery, grass time, beach time, chill time, fresh(er) air, good food, good laughs) but also for the unexpected (iPad break!!!)

Photo: Mt. Rainer view from Fay Bainbridge

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

TGIAS kinda day...

In April, I committed to posting Mondays and exclaim my happiest moments as a SAHM on Thank God I'm A Stay-at-Home-Mom (kinda) Day. I never posted another TGIAS - until today. Yes, that's reality of every want to do so much, but you don't get it all done. Even our girl has been mimicking me lately saying "I can only do 2 things at a time...." Guess I've used that one a lot lately.

BUT, this week has been filled with TGIAS moments and I'm taking the time to say thank you. Our girl and I have been hitting up the local lake less than a minute away and swimming (aka, floating around in 2 feet of water; me on her inter-tube  our girl in her life jacket) after nap time. We've been riding my bike with her in her iBert seat - singing songs in the wind heading to and from camp. And I can't forget this afternoon, taking our Snow White dressed girl to the Farmer's market watching her pretend to be a Disney Princess - signing autographs and singing about the birds in the trees.

These are the moments that make my heart smile with joy. Plus, the sun has been shining us all week (knock on wood) and we've been outside a lot. Makes my heart shout "thank you, thank you, thank you!" 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mango firsts.

Our daughter's first fruit was mango. I put it one of those fresh food feeders - and she devoured the fruit in late June 2010.

2.5 years later, she still loves mango. Fresh, frozen, dried.

My first time I had mango, I was about 7 years old (I think - maybe 6...) and in Nassau, Bahamas visiting my Great Aunt's home with my Mom and Dad and baby sister. Her amazing PINK house overlooked the crystal clear blue ocean. The pink house with the 2 poodles, the amazing pool, the hot sun, and the mango trees. We would go outside in the morning and grab a fresh mango and eat it. I remember eating mine over the sink in the kitchen looking outside the kitchen window - dripping juice down my chin. Just like our baby did years later.

To this day, I look forward to those few weeks in the summer where I can find in season fresh mangos here in a place where mangos can't grow on PNW trees and our houses aren't pink.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Lunch Date.

This week after our 2 week vacation, instead of waking up our girl early to rush to her first day of camp, I decided to have a mellow, try to catch up kinda day. I did have one MUST DO on the calendar, a dentist check up on some work I had had a few months ago (10 minutes max) downtown at 11:30am, which I figured we could manage.

I decided to make it an official M&M day - Mommy and M day - something I thought we could do weekly. Just the two of us, focusing on us. No friends. No Daddy. Just us.

I asked her if she'd be into the idea and if she'd want to head downtown for Blue C Sushi, her favorite conveyor belt sushi restaurant. She squealed with delight. We usually hit up the location near our house, but I figured we'd check out the downtown location instead. Big lunch date in the city.

What I could not have planned--was us having lunch with other working grown-ups. All of sudden, agency type hipsters were strolling in for some conveyor belt sushi too. Within 5 minutes of arrival, we were surrounded by other lunch dates talking about things I used to discuss. Clients who loved/hated/wanted to change creative.... Bosses who were focusing on the right/wrong/new thing.... Deadlines that were/weren't/might be missed.

I looked around the room while enjoying my lunch with my girl and realized though I missed dressing-up for work (seriously, my style has declined TOO much...something I need to work on!), that what I did not miss in anyway was the focus of what the conversations were about. All the nonsense from all ends of the business world I come from.

This day, my lunch date was talking about her noodles and how much she loved lunch with Mommy and how she really wanted another cucumber roll with way more soy sauce.

Now that's my kind of lunch meeting. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

It takes a village.

My family and I just returned from a trip to my parents house in the midwest. As we got on our first flight (always 2 flights to and from Mom and Dad's house), I was in shock we'd be in a tiny 2 row, 2 seater plan for the next 3 hours. BUT with the invention of the iPad and our 3.5 year old's kid headphones, along with snacks, plenty of books and markers, I realized we'd be okay.

It wasn't so for another Mom.

As soon as she got on the plane with an adorable blue eyed, bald headed 5 month old baby girl, the baby started crying. And I'm not referring to a whimper, I mean a screeching, tear jerker, kinda cry.

All I could think about how hard it is to travel without your partner in moments like she was experiencing.

But of course the baby would stop crying once we took off ...right? 

She didn't.

This poor Mom just walked up and down the aisle of the tiny plane for 30 minutes, then 60, then 90 minutes. Back-and-forth. Each time, I smiled and tried to strike up conversation about how our daughter was like when she was a baby - just could cry for hours no matter what we did....How nursing helped her on a bottle might help....maybe try the baby carrier...

I wasn't helping really.

After 90 minutes the Mom said to me,

"She's gotta stop sometime right?" 

This adorable baby was basically hysterical. This Mom was on the verge of crying herself now too. And I thought of my awful experience on a flight - flying solo with our daughter and how no one really helped me and I had really needed help. I needed another Mom to reach her hand out to me and say, "How can I help honey?"

So I asked If I could give her  break. She handed her off with no hesitation and her whole body smiled. And here's the thing, so did the baby. She stopped crying. We bounced for about 20 mins in the aisle and then I decided to take her back to our daughter, who had no clue what I was doing (yes, she was watching a movie on the beloved iPad.) So I sat down next to our 3.5 year old and asked her if she could help me keep the baby happy. And here's the amazing thing, our girl did help. She made the baby smile, giggle, coo and same with our baby, now preschooler. The two girls just played for another half an hour.

Like any break in Motherhood goes, this break ended too - but even though this cutie was starting to whimper again, the Mom looked relaxed and calmer and was able to give back to her baby girl again.

And even though the baby kept crying other folks on our tiny plane started helping and playing and holding the baby till it was time to land. Nothing better to see a man who was 6'4", muscular, (He actually looked A LOT like Hulk Hogan) holding a 5 month old baby girl about 15lbs.

Nothing like building a village on a tiny 2 row, 2 seater 3 hour flight home.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Going Home

This week, M & I are home. It took us 2 airplanes and a car ride to get to my parents house, my home, on Tuesday - a place where I've never lived.

Many people tell me about going home for summer or the holidays - seeing old friends, going to places they used to hang out, High School reunion type get together. I see pictures of these gatherings on Facebook a lot, and honestly, I'm sometimes envious.

I don't go home to a place where I grew up. I've been here, 1 hour northwest of Madison in Baraboo, Wisconsin maybe if I'm lucky 20 times since 1994 where my parents left Texas for a new job for Dad, and have set up shop. They love this sleepy town that has 4 seasons (I think it's mainly winter) and their group of friends.

When I visit, the family and I get taken through town to meet faces I see on my Mom's Facebook page or have met maybe once before. Sadly, most people are new to me, but I'm not new to them. They have heard all about me and the family, especially the one and only granddaughter, beloved M.

Home is a tricky question for me. "Where are you from?" leads to where is my home. I mean my husband was born in Oregon but moved to Bainbridge Island, Washington and grew up there - where his parents still are, so that's easy.

For me, this is a question that isn't easy to answer. When people ask me this, they assume where I'm from is my home and everything about my personality type, accent (do I have one?) will make sense. Recently, I finally mastered the answer to the question.

"I was raised in Texas."

Because If I tell anyone I'm from Texas, they then begin to question my lack of a Texas accent, why I don't live and breathe football, etc.

Yes, I was raised in Texas by 2 east coast parents who now live in Wisconsin but lived in a few states before Texas before I was 8 years old and now live in Seattle but I've lived in 7 states.

(See, my new answer is easier.)

So I'm not from anywhere particular place, but I still have a home, a place where I can go and learn new things about and play with our daughter and explore with my husband. Granted, I can barely tell you where the movie theater is or where to get gas, but I know where the lake is and how to relax here and catch up on slowing down in this little slice where I call home.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

How does everyone else do it?

How does the other Mom get to school on time, with brushed hair and teeth, second kid all tidy and happy, keys in one hand, organized bag in the other?

How does that Mom shop while the toddler is happy in the shopping cart and the 5 year old is showing her which cereal they should get without screaming?

How does that one Mom always have a home cooked dinner ready at 6pm with fresh organic veggies from the farmers market?

How does the Mom of 3 kids manage to get to the birthday party on time?

How does the Mom of 4 and one of the way smile at dinner at our local mexican restaurant?

How does a Mom of a 3 year old manage sleep while she has a newborn?

How does that Mom have everything she needs in a tiny bag? (Including a wallet and makeup!?) And BTW, how does she put her makeup on at home vs the car on her way out of the car???

How does the Mom keep up with her blog on top of everything else?

How does a Mom keep her closets organized while she's always running out and needing to grab something or put something away first?


Hmmm, I feel like I never get anything done well and I'm a SAHM with ONE 3.5 year old. Here's to you all you amazing Superhero Mommas!!!!

Photo Credit: Kirsti Koo's Etsy's shop

Things I dislike about Instagram

My pictures are no longer pictures. They're uploaded to a site SO if I want to use one for say MY BLOG, I have to send it to myself from my phone. Annoying.

The filters though fun are getting boring. I need more.

The frames should be interchangeable.

Okay, I'm done ranting.

Friday, May 17, 2013

3 1/2 years old = ....

in our house 3 1/2 equals too much.

It means underwear. No longer are we dealing with diapers, pull ups, changing tables, wipes. Nope. We waited till our daughter was ready and now she does it. She goes in the potty and just "peeps" or "poops" as she needs to. No accidents. It's crazy. We didn't push it and it happened. Now I'm washing tiny Minnie Mouse and generic Giraffe underwear on a weekly basis.

No more high chair. Our daughter is tall for her age - over 90%. Not sure where she gets it from, but she has it. Yesterday we ate out and she didn't even need a booster. Our girl is tall.

Our baby still sleeps in a crib, but tick tock. She climbs in. Climbs out. Part of me just wants to take the one side down and put the "bed rail" up. Just to eliminate the head dropping fall into the crib every time she climbs in...the other part doesn't want me to let go....

Last but not least, is the BINKIES. Oh the darn binkies. I was never a pacifier baby. I received 2 NUK binkies at my shower and thought "weird, I won't be 'that' Mom" and then 2 weeks in, sucked raw, I tore apart our daughter's closet and found the beloved binky.... Now our 3 1/2 year old cuddles with her binky babies each night.... Well, Friday, May 31st, 2013 - we've all committed to let go of the binkies and move on. I'm sad about all of this. The binkies help her sleep and she loves them so much, but it's time to say goodbye (according to the books and the dentist....)


ALL these baby traits are going away too fast, but that is life right? Our little girl is amazing and growing before our eyes. Just bittersweet to say goodbye to what we've known as normal for the last 3+ years.....

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Today I turned 42. I woke up, husband on a business trip and sun shinning in the bedroom. I heard our daughter asking for me, and did the normal routine (open her shades, ask her about her dreams...) and she popped up and said she'd sing Happy Birthday to me once Daddy was home and they had made me my chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. She explained it was my favorite. It could be. I might be. I really don't know what kind of cake is definitely my favorite. I do like chocolate on chocolate though.

With the sun shining, I remembered my first birthday here in Seattle and having the day off from my agency gig. The sun was shinning all day, and I decided to ride my bike and go on an adventure. It was a good birthday.

Today, after dropping our girl off to preschool, I decided to hop on my old beach cruiser and go around the lake solo. Just me and my old, favorite bike.

The rest of my day was filled with such sweetness. Friends on FB sending me messages. Hand picked flowers from my daughter's school friend. Special hugs from 2 sweet brothers at her school. Flowers and handmade card from my friend's dear son. Handmade art from our daughter. Flowers from my man. Cards and gifts in the mail - all on this day. And let me not forget the chocolate on chocolate with a day filled with sunshine and a rainbow on our way home from dinner.

I am thankful for all these generous gestures today. I feel like these sweet moments happen often, not just on my birthday, but I don't look for them. That's going to change.

I felt very loved and appreciated today.

Thank you.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


For the first time in awhile I haven't been able to really sleep. I remember the sleepless nights with our daughter from 0-15 months (yes, sleep training happened but later..) and since then it's been pretty normal. But recently our 3 1/4 year old is waking up...

"Mommy, turn on the light."
"Mommy, my feet are out!" (the blanket she means.)
"Mommy, I need to use the potty." (Oh the joys of potty training...)

So I'm now getting up 1-2 times a night and I'm beat. I'm exhausted and I can't truly relax. I'm wired right as 10pm hits the clock and then I find it hard to crash. WHAT IS GOING ON? I should (there's that word again...) be hitting the pillow and going right to sleep right?


Monday, April 8, 2013

TGIAS Kinda Day

My friend, SAHM, and Fellow blogger, Stephanie just coined this phrase for us today after a conversation we had during my 1st and not last running group session*:

Thank God I'm SAHM (kinda) Day

It made me smile and think--I'm going to blog every Monday a TGIASD moment for me to help me remember the little joys of this journey.

Today's TGIASD:

...getting to take my 3 year old to her ballet class and dance with her. Her next (insert class class will be without me or her Daddy participating. Though sometimes I crave more freedom, I'm quickly realizing freedom will be more and more and 1:1 moments with our girl will be less and less.


*=Yes, I'm signed up for my 1st 5K since March 2009! This will make #2 for mio.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

My likes....

All of sudden I want all white furniture, airy feeling, sun streaming in, vintage glassware, and vintage dishes. This is not my style, or at least it hasn't been.

I guess my likes are changing. I want to make a cozy, romantic bedroom.

I have no clue what this is all about, but I'll keep you posted. Is this Pinterest's fault?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SAHM's don't get sick days.

This past Thursday, I was called for the 1st time to pick up our daughter because she was sick. When I dropped her off at school she was fine. 1 hour and 45 mins later, she threw-up. The rest you get.

It just so happened that the weekend was the nicest we've had in a long time - sun, high 60s - which in March in the Northwest is unreal! Also, it happened to be Easter weekend.

So this particular Easter, instead of celebrating outdoors with family in the grass - we were inside our tiny house, cooped up like chickens - me doing at least 20 loads of laundry, spraying lysol every 5 minutes.

So of course I was next in line. And as you know, SAHM (and Working Moms) don't really get sick days. Granted, I sorta (okay, totally did) day dream about going into work and then having daughter at school where I could come home to an empty house and sleep. Which honestly would've been able to happen because our 3-year-old was too sick to go back to school anyway....

I'm better now and so is she - of course now husband/daddy is feeling ill. Sigh. I don't have any more care giver in me, so he's gonna have to deal on his own. I CAN'T DO IT! I am ecstatic to have 4 hours OFF tomorrow while she's a preschool, regardless if he's at home zzzzing on the couch. I'll just change the channel when he's asleep from soccer to some RH of some where on Bravo and chill myself. Ahhhhhhhh. I guess that's my little bit of retro active sick day, right?

Friday, March 8, 2013

G is for Girls.

I am thankful for the girlfriends in my life. I'm aware of the girlfriends that have been in and out of this journey who have been there to support me through my ups and downs and happy to be able to support each of you in your journeys. Some of us don't talk any more or enough, but I know how you helped me and how important it was to have you in my life.

I love my Man. I love my daughter. I love my familia, but my girls - you're a huge piece too.

I love my Girls.

Just a few over the 41 years...
Kat (yes 2)



Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed, I danced, I boogied by myself to some of Beyoncé’s hits, but I've NEVER thought I was a fan. I have enjoyed JayZ here and there and have purchased some of his songs, so I gave her a chance when I heard they were a couple, but by "chance" I mean, I didn't really pay attention to her or what was happening her career.

But the other day, I started to listen. It was one of 'those' days. M had finally gone down for a nap and I wanted to sit and veg out in front of the TV. Reality TV isn't relaxing for me much anymore, so I hit up OnDemand HBO and after watching 7 seasons of Dexter over the last few months with my husband, I realized I needed something lighter, more entertaining, so I thought, "heck, I like entertainers. Lemme check out this biography on Beyoncé."

I realized that not Beyoncé  an entertainer and an artist, she's a grounded, intelligent Woman and Mom.  And here she is in this 1.5 hour show expressing her artistic self and her love for family, her support system (her girlfriends), her daughter, her family, her husband, her God, her art - putting it all out there, I realized that I had been judging her by what the media put out there. Which isn't fair at all - but unknowingly by not paying attention to her, I was categorizing her in a bucket of bs through what media makes her out to be. 

Here she was performing in a strong, empowering way to woman with a lot of sexiness  - and I was proud of her and her brains along with curves and fabulous curls in her hair. 

So at 41, 10 years her senior with our daughter, I feel Beyoncé’s a serious strong role model for not only my daughter, but Me. A 41 year old Woman, Mom, Daughter, Artist who is still trying to figure this life out. 

Thanks Beyoncé for surprising me with your inner spirit. And Girl keep it up with those curves. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Gig.

Dear friend of mine recently talked about an amazing woman our age - describing her with the job - the job I'd love to have.

But I have the job I dreamt about.

The job I love to have.

I'm 41. I'm  a Mom of a 3 year old. I'm a proud SAHM. I'm busy. I know our daughter will be in kindergarden soon - but I'm not seriously sitting her thinking I need to go back to 5 days a week talking to clients about marketing solutions....
Um, No thanks.

But of course I've been thinking - especially since others have been asking me lately what's in store.

Here's the deal...Ideally, I'd had a studio where I could work when I want to work and have no one bother me or my projects. What would my projects entail? hmm, right now, March 2nd, 2013 - I'd say sewing, painting, drawing, journaling, gift making, - who knows.

But definitely not 5 days/40+ hrs making up Marketing solutions.

I'd prefer marketing myself please.

Or maybe I'd be a Professional Cupcake Model.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Don't ask.

If one more person acts confused and has NO clue what I could do with all my "free" time....when I tell them I'm a SAHM, I might scream.

My daily schedule usually includes at least 8 of the items listed below:

*Grocery shop
*Put away laundry
*Maybe eat
*Answer a few emails
*Organize my life one closet shelf at a time slowly
*Drop off / pick up dry cleaning
*Book appointments (dental, dr, babysitter)
*Take out trash, recycle, and compost
*Make bed
*Possibly shower
*Blow dry and style my hair (that's a BIG day btw)

So next time you see an old friend and she tells you that she's now a SAHM, instead of asking her how she fills all that time at home - just congratulate her on her Promotion.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Two Princesses at 3.

Recently I was sharing my baby book with M, and I discovered that my Mom had recorded what was done for each birthday for me from 1 to 7 years old.

And guess what? Just like M, I had asked for a princess 'doll' cake for my 3rd birthday too.

M had somehow discovered on youtube (don't ask) "how to make a princess cake" and that is what she wanted.

So, of course, we had to make it - and make it together. What an adventure.

So here is what developed - our Belle princess for M's Masquerade Ball at Moon Paper Tent in Seattle. I even had so much cake left over, I made an extra cake in my free time (aka midnight the night before....) I also added the little masquerade mask for Belle, of course. Yawn. And NO, I did not bake the cupcakes too. Those are gluten free for a few of the guests.

Thanks to Smitten Kitchen for the cake recipe too - the Best Birthday Cake recipe was yummy once again. 


I have one pretty, artistic, I don't write on it calendar in our kitchen.

I have one family calendar inside our coffee cup cabinet to organize our day to day happenings.

I have a personal bag planner - pictured here.

I use COZI family calendar with my husband to share schedules online.

I love each of these calendars. I love looking at what's in store for the day, week, month, year. I love planning with a pencil and paper.

I guess you could say I'm a planner.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I've been pinning for 12 months now (where does time go? Um, lately too much of it to Pinterest.) 

I have 31 boards - 3,600 pins - and 696 likes. I think it's time to make my 32nd board. I need to create a board of the pinned items I've done - or been inspired to take action on. Otherwise, I feel like all this pinning is causing me what I'm now referring to "non action pinning stress." 

Why is online organization of things I love or are inspired by stressing me out?! 

Off to make #32. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Describe Yourself.

As I sit in a cafe on my new laptop *um, learning curve moving from PC to Mac something I haven't played on since '96 (insert cough), I'm realizing how my life is changing again.

I'm a Mom of a 3 year old these days. Where did the time go these last 3 years? The time I missed so much I'm getting back with her in preschool 3 days a week (lots of 3s..), Saturday Soccer with Daddy, 1x nightly babysitter relief (Thank you Momma C!) and other ME moments. Now the switch is starting to happen. I'm starting to miss my 1:1 M time and realizing this is only the beginning. She's growing up so fast and needing me less and less.

So today, February 19, 2013 - how do I describe myself? Well, just this week I was asked to be the Moderator of a Mom's group I've found as a valuable resource in our community - Greenlake Moms and I'm pretty down proud of the opportunity. I'm also still a PROUD and HARDWORKING SAHM. I'm working on being a Better and more Patient Listener. I'm also rediscovering my Workout Self and Healthy Eater Self. I can also write I'm a Pinning Addict and Facebook Junkie. I'm a Water Worshipper. I'm a Wife and Lover. I'd like to re-inspire my Blogging Self.

Just another time I'm realizing that I'm rediscovering myself on a daily basis and that's pretty awesome. Here's to my new self today and every day ahead. Try it out for size - it feels good.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

role model.

Here\'s the thing...when I truly think about it, my Mom, Arline Beagan, is my biggest role model.

You see, my Mom was the Mom everyone adored, or it seemed to me. She was the coolest Girl Scout Leader, threw the best birthday parties, and decorated for every holiday to the fullest.

Of course, that\'s not everything she did, she did a lot more being a SAHM for us till the mid 80s and I was in high school.

So I realized today - I mean it just hit me, why for many reasons I wanted to be in a loving relationship, have a family, and be a Stay at Home Mom one day. Seriously, this is what I truly wanted when I grew up.

Our daughter is 3 now and I still get asked when am I going back to "work". Here\'s the funny thing-I never left the working world. I don\'t need to go back to "it". I just changed professions. After M was born I left a 6 figure Managing Director position to be a SAHM. job now has many more titles: Mom, Chef, House Cleaner, Personal Assistant, Time Manager, Lover, and Creative Inventor.

And I\'ve never in my life worked harder or loved my job more. I love being M\'s Mom. I love being the one teaching her how things "work", how life is, and everything in between.

And I\'m not sure I\'m ready to quit my full time gig. It\'s the most rewarding job ever though severely under appreciated.

And here\'s the thing, I want M to know that is okay to want to be whatever she wants to be when she grows up. If that\'s a doctor, fashion designer, server, teacher, lawyer, or even a Mom (after the age 29 ), I\'m okay with it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What's the Universe telling me?

It's been 9 years since I've worked for Martha Stewart. When I left in February of 2004, I was the Director of Online Marketing and Advertising. I had been there for 4 years - and it was a tough, rewarding, painful, fun, exhausting, learning, creative environment.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot of my MSO days (MSO-Martha Stewart Omnimedia.) In three separate occasions, my work there has come up in less than a week by three individuals knowing some work I had completed and people I know. I can't deny this feeling I've been missing for some time - even pre baby.

Now that our little girl is in preschool, I'm searching for something to do for me which fulfills this itch for my creative ideas (Maybe instead of pinning, I'll do more doing?)

Maybe it's time to move from listening to doing...I'll keep you posted.

Photo: Me running through Starret Lehigh buidling taken by my awesome SIL - Debbie!