Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Describe Yourself.

As I sit in a cafe on my new laptop *um, learning curve moving from PC to Mac something I haven't played on since '96 (insert cough), I'm realizing how my life is changing again.

I'm a Mom of a 3 year old these days. Where did the time go these last 3 years? The time I missed so much I'm getting back with her in preschool 3 days a week (lots of 3s..), Saturday Soccer with Daddy, 1x nightly babysitter relief (Thank you Momma C!) and other ME moments. Now the switch is starting to happen. I'm starting to miss my 1:1 M time and realizing this is only the beginning. She's growing up so fast and needing me less and less.

So today, February 19, 2013 - how do I describe myself? Well, just this week I was asked to be the Moderator of a Mom's group I've found as a valuable resource in our community - Greenlake Moms and I'm pretty down proud of the opportunity. I'm also still a PROUD and HARDWORKING SAHM. I'm working on being a Better and more Patient Listener. I'm also rediscovering my Workout Self and Healthy Eater Self. I can also write I'm a Pinning Addict and Facebook Junkie. I'm a Water Worshipper. I'm a Wife and Lover. I'd like to re-inspire my Blogging Self.

Just another time I'm realizing that I'm rediscovering myself on a daily basis and that's pretty awesome. Here's to my new self today and every day ahead. Try it out for size - it feels good.

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