Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Don't ask.

If one more person acts confused and has NO clue what I could do with all my "free" time....when I tell them I'm a SAHM, I might scream.

My daily schedule usually includes at least 8 of the items listed below:

*Grocery shop
*Put away laundry
*Maybe eat
*Answer a few emails
*Organize my life one closet shelf at a time slowly
*Drop off / pick up dry cleaning
*Book appointments (dental, dr, babysitter)
*Take out trash, recycle, and compost
*Make bed
*Possibly shower
*Blow dry and style my hair (that's a BIG day btw)

So next time you see an old friend and she tells you that she's now a SAHM, instead of asking her how she fills all that time at home - just congratulate her on her Promotion.

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