Friday, March 8, 2013



Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed, I danced, I boogied by myself to some of Beyoncé’s hits, but I've NEVER thought I was a fan. I have enjoyed JayZ here and there and have purchased some of his songs, so I gave her a chance when I heard they were a couple, but by "chance" I mean, I didn't really pay attention to her or what was happening her career.

But the other day, I started to listen. It was one of 'those' days. M had finally gone down for a nap and I wanted to sit and veg out in front of the TV. Reality TV isn't relaxing for me much anymore, so I hit up OnDemand HBO and after watching 7 seasons of Dexter over the last few months with my husband, I realized I needed something lighter, more entertaining, so I thought, "heck, I like entertainers. Lemme check out this biography on Beyoncé."

I realized that not Beyoncé  an entertainer and an artist, she's a grounded, intelligent Woman and Mom.  And here she is in this 1.5 hour show expressing her artistic self and her love for family, her support system (her girlfriends), her daughter, her family, her husband, her God, her art - putting it all out there, I realized that I had been judging her by what the media put out there. Which isn't fair at all - but unknowingly by not paying attention to her, I was categorizing her in a bucket of bs through what media makes her out to be. 

Here she was performing in a strong, empowering way to woman with a lot of sexiness  - and I was proud of her and her brains along with curves and fabulous curls in her hair. 

So at 41, 10 years her senior with our daughter, I feel Beyoncé’s a serious strong role model for not only my daughter, but Me. A 41 year old Woman, Mom, Daughter, Artist who is still trying to figure this life out. 

Thanks Beyoncé for surprising me with your inner spirit. And Girl keep it up with those curves. 

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