Tuesday, April 23, 2013


For the first time in awhile I haven't been able to really sleep. I remember the sleepless nights with our daughter from 0-15 months (yes, sleep training happened but later..) and since then it's been pretty normal. But recently our 3 1/4 year old is waking up...

"Mommy, turn on the light."
"Mommy, my feet are out!" (the blanket she means.)
"Mommy, I need to use the potty." (Oh the joys of potty training...)

So I'm now getting up 1-2 times a night and I'm beat. I'm exhausted and I can't truly relax. I'm wired right as 10pm hits the clock and then I find it hard to crash. WHAT IS GOING ON? I should (there's that word again...) be hitting the pillow and going right to sleep right?


Monday, April 8, 2013

TGIAS Kinda Day

My friend, SAHM, and Fellow blogger, Stephanie just coined this phrase for us today after a conversation we had during my 1st and not last running group session*:

Thank God I'm SAHM (kinda) Day

It made me smile and think--I'm going to blog every Monday a TGIASD moment for me to help me remember the little joys of this journey.

Today's TGIASD:

...getting to take my 3 year old to her ballet class and dance with her. Her next (insert class name...dance/swim/soccer) class will be without me or her Daddy participating. Though sometimes I crave more freedom, I'm quickly realizing freedom will be more and more and 1:1 moments with our girl will be less and less.


*=Yes, I'm signed up for my 1st 5K since March 2009! This will make #2 for mio.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

My likes....

All of sudden I want all white furniture, airy feeling, sun streaming in, vintage glassware, and vintage dishes. This is not my style, or at least it hasn't been.

I guess my likes are changing. I want to make a cozy, romantic bedroom.

I have no clue what this is all about, but I'll keep you posted. Is this Pinterest's fault?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SAHM's don't get sick days.

This past Thursday, I was called for the 1st time to pick up our daughter because she was sick. When I dropped her off at school she was fine. 1 hour and 45 mins later, she threw-up. The rest you get.

It just so happened that the weekend was the nicest we've had in a long time - sun, high 60s - which in March in the Northwest is unreal! Also, it happened to be Easter weekend.

So this particular Easter, instead of celebrating outdoors with family in the grass - we were inside our tiny house, cooped up like chickens - me doing at least 20 loads of laundry, spraying lysol every 5 minutes.

So of course I was next in line. And as you know, SAHM (and Working Moms) don't really get sick days. Granted, I sorta (okay, totally did) day dream about going into work and then having daughter at school where I could come home to an empty house and sleep. Which honestly would've been able to happen because our 3-year-old was too sick to go back to school anyway....

I'm better now and so is she - of course now husband/daddy is feeling ill. Sigh. I don't have any more care giver in me, so he's gonna have to deal on his own. I CAN'T DO IT! I am ecstatic to have 4 hours OFF tomorrow while she's a preschool, regardless if he's at home zzzzing on the couch. I'll just change the channel when he's asleep from soccer to some RH of some where on Bravo and chill myself. Ahhhhhhhh. I guess that's my little bit of retro active sick day, right?