Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Today I turned 42. I woke up, husband on a business trip and sun shinning in the bedroom. I heard our daughter asking for me, and did the normal routine (open her shades, ask her about her dreams...) and she popped up and said she'd sing Happy Birthday to me once Daddy was home and they had made me my chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. She explained it was my favorite. It could be. I might be. I really don't know what kind of cake is definitely my favorite. I do like chocolate on chocolate though.

With the sun shining, I remembered my first birthday here in Seattle and having the day off from my agency gig. The sun was shinning all day, and I decided to ride my bike and go on an adventure. It was a good birthday.

Today, after dropping our girl off to preschool, I decided to hop on my old beach cruiser and go around the lake solo. Just me and my old, favorite bike.

The rest of my day was filled with such sweetness. Friends on FB sending me messages. Hand picked flowers from my daughter's school friend. Special hugs from 2 sweet brothers at her school. Flowers and handmade card from my friend's dear son. Handmade art from our daughter. Flowers from my man. Cards and gifts in the mail - all on this day. And let me not forget the chocolate on chocolate with a day filled with sunshine and a rainbow on our way home from dinner.

I am thankful for all these generous gestures today. I feel like these sweet moments happen often, not just on my birthday, but I don't look for them. That's going to change.

I felt very loved and appreciated today.

Thank you.

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