Thursday, June 27, 2013

Going Home

This week, M & I are home. It took us 2 airplanes and a car ride to get to my parents house, my home, on Tuesday - a place where I've never lived.

Many people tell me about going home for summer or the holidays - seeing old friends, going to places they used to hang out, High School reunion type get together. I see pictures of these gatherings on Facebook a lot, and honestly, I'm sometimes envious.

I don't go home to a place where I grew up. I've been here, 1 hour northwest of Madison in Baraboo, Wisconsin maybe if I'm lucky 20 times since 1994 where my parents left Texas for a new job for Dad, and have set up shop. They love this sleepy town that has 4 seasons (I think it's mainly winter) and their group of friends.

When I visit, the family and I get taken through town to meet faces I see on my Mom's Facebook page or have met maybe once before. Sadly, most people are new to me, but I'm not new to them. They have heard all about me and the family, especially the one and only granddaughter, beloved M.

Home is a tricky question for me. "Where are you from?" leads to where is my home. I mean my husband was born in Oregon but moved to Bainbridge Island, Washington and grew up there - where his parents still are, so that's easy.

For me, this is a question that isn't easy to answer. When people ask me this, they assume where I'm from is my home and everything about my personality type, accent (do I have one?) will make sense. Recently, I finally mastered the answer to the question.

"I was raised in Texas."

Because If I tell anyone I'm from Texas, they then begin to question my lack of a Texas accent, why I don't live and breathe football, etc.

Yes, I was raised in Texas by 2 east coast parents who now live in Wisconsin but lived in a few states before Texas before I was 8 years old and now live in Seattle but I've lived in 7 states.

(See, my new answer is easier.)

So I'm not from anywhere particular place, but I still have a home, a place where I can go and learn new things about and play with our daughter and explore with my husband. Granted, I can barely tell you where the movie theater is or where to get gas, but I know where the lake is and how to relax here and catch up on slowing down in this little slice where I call home.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

How does everyone else do it?

How does the other Mom get to school on time, with brushed hair and teeth, second kid all tidy and happy, keys in one hand, organized bag in the other?

How does that Mom shop while the toddler is happy in the shopping cart and the 5 year old is showing her which cereal they should get without screaming?

How does that one Mom always have a home cooked dinner ready at 6pm with fresh organic veggies from the farmers market?

How does the Mom of 3 kids manage to get to the birthday party on time?

How does the Mom of 4 and one of the way smile at dinner at our local mexican restaurant?

How does a Mom of a 3 year old manage sleep while she has a newborn?

How does that Mom have everything she needs in a tiny bag? (Including a wallet and makeup!?) And BTW, how does she put her makeup on at home vs the car on her way out of the car???

How does the Mom keep up with her blog on top of everything else?

How does a Mom keep her closets organized while she's always running out and needing to grab something or put something away first?


Hmmm, I feel like I never get anything done well and I'm a SAHM with ONE 3.5 year old. Here's to you all you amazing Superhero Mommas!!!!

Photo Credit: Kirsti Koo's Etsy's shop

Things I dislike about Instagram

My pictures are no longer pictures. They're uploaded to a site SO if I want to use one for say MY BLOG, I have to send it to myself from my phone. Annoying.

The filters though fun are getting boring. I need more.

The frames should be interchangeable.

Okay, I'm done ranting.