Thursday, June 20, 2013

How does everyone else do it?

How does the other Mom get to school on time, with brushed hair and teeth, second kid all tidy and happy, keys in one hand, organized bag in the other?

How does that Mom shop while the toddler is happy in the shopping cart and the 5 year old is showing her which cereal they should get without screaming?

How does that one Mom always have a home cooked dinner ready at 6pm with fresh organic veggies from the farmers market?

How does the Mom of 3 kids manage to get to the birthday party on time?

How does the Mom of 4 and one of the way smile at dinner at our local mexican restaurant?

How does a Mom of a 3 year old manage sleep while she has a newborn?

How does that Mom have everything she needs in a tiny bag? (Including a wallet and makeup!?) And BTW, how does she put her makeup on at home vs the car on her way out of the car???

How does the Mom keep up with her blog on top of everything else?

How does a Mom keep her closets organized while she's always running out and needing to grab something or put something away first?


Hmmm, I feel like I never get anything done well and I'm a SAHM with ONE 3.5 year old. Here's to you all you amazing Superhero Mommas!!!!

Photo Credit: Kirsti Koo's Etsy's shop


  1. As they get older it gets exponentially easier... really... I'm beginning to see the light now that mine are approaching 12 and 10... but the bone tired weariness... that never goes out of style. ;-)

  2. Every day is a new journey!!! Thanks Malaprop