Sunday, July 28, 2013


Our 3.5 year old daughter loves our iPad. It was originally a birthday gift for ME in May 2010. But let's be honest, she uses it most in this house of three. It's crucial when we travel on planes, long car drives and more. She gets 5 minutes of it before nap time which can be as long as 15 minutes if we need it. Okay maybe 20. She has discovered sushi candy making kits, How-to do Princess make-up, and How-to bake cakes - especially her own 3 year old birthday cake she requested thanks to YouTube. She plays games, watches movies, decorates cookies, buys make believe groceries, and more...

But this weekend, we went to the island - a ferry trip away, to hang with her grandparents, Mimi & Gramps, and there was NO ASK for the iPad. Not one time. Not until we walked into our house 48 hours later, did it even come up.

On the island there was plenty of family to play with her, grass to run in, paint to paint with, chalk to draw with, new experiences to explore.

I'm grateful for our mini break for many reasons, reasons that I expected (visit with Grandparents and family, new scenery, grass time, beach time, chill time, fresh(er) air, good food, good laughs) but also for the unexpected (iPad break!!!)

Photo: Mt. Rainer view from Fay Bainbridge

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