Friday, July 12, 2013

Lunch Date.

This week after our 2 week vacation, instead of waking up our girl early to rush to her first day of camp, I decided to have a mellow, try to catch up kinda day. I did have one MUST DO on the calendar, a dentist check up on some work I had had a few months ago (10 minutes max) downtown at 11:30am, which I figured we could manage.

I decided to make it an official M&M day - Mommy and M day - something I thought we could do weekly. Just the two of us, focusing on us. No friends. No Daddy. Just us.

I asked her if she'd be into the idea and if she'd want to head downtown for Blue C Sushi, her favorite conveyor belt sushi restaurant. She squealed with delight. We usually hit up the location near our house, but I figured we'd check out the downtown location instead. Big lunch date in the city.

What I could not have planned--was us having lunch with other working grown-ups. All of sudden, agency type hipsters were strolling in for some conveyor belt sushi too. Within 5 minutes of arrival, we were surrounded by other lunch dates talking about things I used to discuss. Clients who loved/hated/wanted to change creative.... Bosses who were focusing on the right/wrong/new thing.... Deadlines that were/weren't/might be missed.

I looked around the room while enjoying my lunch with my girl and realized though I missed dressing-up for work (seriously, my style has declined TOO much...something I need to work on!), that what I did not miss in anyway was the focus of what the conversations were about. All the nonsense from all ends of the business world I come from.

This day, my lunch date was talking about her noodles and how much she loved lunch with Mommy and how she really wanted another cucumber roll with way more soy sauce.

Now that's my kind of lunch meeting. 

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