Monday, October 21, 2013

Letting go of perfection

...or at least my attempt of perfection.

Last week was a long one. I feel like on some days we're getting rid of the "nap" and some days, we need the nap.

When there is no nap, I don't get that extra hour to two hours to clean, chill, catch up on my TV shows (yes, I admit it!), email, craft - you name the action that is easier to do at home without a 3 3/4 year old awake or a husband home, and you get the idea.

Last long week meant less naps and me filling my free time during preschool with too much. ANY one else do that? So this Sunday instead of planning something, we made Halloween cookies.

We made the cookies and we made a huge mess. We were in our tiny kitchen for over 3 hours adding ingredients, following one of our girl's favorite book - Sugar Cookies - Sweet Lessons on Love, recipe.

Our girl even insisted we sit down and read the story before we start. "Let's sit Momma and read the book first."

Even our girl needed to slow down.

We tried a new icing - easy sugar cookie icing,  which was not perfect, but so good with a 3 year old. Not only was it easy to spread and put all over the kitchen, she got to add food coloring to make secondary colors in a ziplock bag.

What I learned through this experience was that I really need to stop doing so much and enjoy the mess of life - when everything doesn't fit in a perfect place, where I don't get everything done, when we're not planned minute by minute...and where the messy kitchen no matter how sticky is extra sweet and easy to clean up when it's time to do so.

Here's to slowing down and enjoying the moments.