Thursday, December 5, 2013


In case you don't know this about me, I love the idea of a party. I used to take my magazines, and cut out anything party worthy and put in my binder (okay, or put away to file away into my party binder if we're being honest here.)

Well, since Pinterest (Sorry print publishing friends), I'm more likely to pin my favorite ideas and look at them later. I've narrowed my pins to 40 boards (which btw, Pinterest, I need sub boards please!), 7,420 pins (so far), and 782 followers.

Honestly, not much to brag about in the world of Pinterest.

But here's the thing, I have most of my followers on ONE of my boards - "Girl Birthday Party Ideas." I have 622 followers so far. So now, the pinning has changed. I pin ideas that I feel are clever, but might not be for our girl - but could be for yours. I daydream of the idea of putting these ideas together, planning your little girls birthday party too, and maybe one day getting paid for this joy of mine.

Feel free to follow me on my party journey! 

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