Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's all about the scent.

I love a good scent. A special candle that reminds me of a summer day. An essential oil that reminds me of when I first met my husband.

I was lucky enough to be asked to review a few scents from a fabulous Seattle shop owner, Joy, at Olivine Atelier, and provide my input.

First off, I loved all of them. Is that possible? The names and packaging alone got me. (I'm all about the packaging in case you don't know that about me yet…)

My top three are:

Gardenias, pikaki, jasmine with vanilla reminds me of my trips to Maui, beach spray in my hair and tan on my skin even though I was wearing 50 spf most of the day, but sun is sun. Yes, I belong in Maui and yes, this scent proves it.

Are Joy and I meant to be friends? I'm a surfer in a city where the closet surf is 3 hours away and cold even on the hottest weather day. This scent with gardenia and coconut reminds me of our days surfing 2 -even 3 times a day in southern California. Yes, I'd like to be in the waves daily and this scent helps me get there even if I'm only near a lake.

The combination of jasmine, moroccan red rose, musk, blackberry, and just a hint of patchouli (don't worry, not too much!) just works. It makes you feel fresh and feminine without all the fuss.

PLUS 5% of the net sales from all Olivine Atelier products will be donated to Every Mother Counts.  These funds will go toward improving the health and well-being of girls and women worldwide.

Definitely fun holiday ideas for you, your girlfriend, or your guy for inspiration. 

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