Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This past Monday, MLK day, was our family day. The holiday craziness was over. Work had started back in full force for my husband. Our daughter was back in preschool 4xs a week. The holiday decor was taken down and put away (okay, sorta. All unorganized in the garage….) No work/no school.

So we decided to head to a park we don't normally visit,  and explore the outdoors, on trails, in the forest.

One of the amazing things of the PNW is the weather. Yes, I know...the weather. It changes on the drop of the dime here and this Monday, it changed from cold and gray to cold and blue. Blue on a January day is a gift btw. And it stayed blue.

So this Monday, as a family of three with no iPhone texting, we walked on trails looking for the beach in this park with blue skies all around. We found a trail that took us on many park maintained tiny bridges of creeks leading to the beach. And my husband said,

"Let's follow a leaf boat!"

A leaf boat?

I didn't grow up in here. I grew up in a hot, humid place where being outside usually meant was in dry or humid in warm places. Creeks? Sure, but I didn't play in them - or float leaf boats.

So on this day, my man took a cool looking leaf and tried to float it under the bridge to see if it would float under the bridge to the other side.

This whole thing touched me. Yes, it was just a leaf floating down the creek, but to our daughter it was a fairy boat heading to the fairy forest. It was something she probably will always remember. It was something only her Dad could teach her, and teach me.

It reminded me that he and I will forever be teaching her things from our own perspective and teaching each other. I can't wait to find another creek….

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cool Blog

Just a glimpse of some sweet inspiration.

Today I am thankful for…

  • Running into a fellow preschool Mom with another sick child who played with our sick kid for 40 mins in the drugstore while we were waiting for our prescriptions
  • The woman who helped me in Costco with napkins after our daughter vomited in the cart
  • Only having 1 item in the cart when it happened
  • Leaving Costco
  • Having an extra plastic bag in the car
  • ...and a random beach towel (?)
  • Our washer and dryer on the first floor right by the front door
  • Rare sun and warmth on a January day in the PNW to dry the washed down car seat
  • Rare 40 minute nap from our 4 year old so I could clean up the car
  • Amazon movies
  • Thai food with with 1 block from our house

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Homeless in Seattle….

This morning I heard an alarming fact about the homeless population in NYC, a place I called home for almost 10 years, that the number of homeless people is at it's worse since the Great Depression.

I was listening to this news on NPR while driving south on the freeway. Just then, I exited James Street exit and saw something in-between the freeway and the off ramp. There were 5 or 6 tents surrounded by garbage and people were huddled together.

Our daughter who is now 4 asks me many questions about the homeless people she sees as we drive to and from places in this city of ours we now call home. Children open our eyes and remind us how to really see again.

I started to doing some research tonight and read that during the last census of our homeless shelters, 50% were families in the shelters. I read about the Seattle Architect who changed his career focus to help the homeless. I started to read about care packages to give to the homeless on Pinterest. I liked the Homeless in Seattle Facebook page. 

So now that I've packed up our holiday decorations, I think it is time for me to help.