Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Homeless in Seattle….

This morning I heard an alarming fact about the homeless population in NYC, a place I called home for almost 10 years, that the number of homeless people is at it's worse since the Great Depression.

I was listening to this news on NPR while driving south on the freeway. Just then, I exited James Street exit and saw something in-between the freeway and the off ramp. There were 5 or 6 tents surrounded by garbage and people were huddled together.

Our daughter who is now 4 asks me many questions about the homeless people she sees as we drive to and from places in this city of ours we now call home. Children open our eyes and remind us how to really see again.

I started to doing some research tonight and read that during the last census of our homeless shelters, 50% were families in the shelters. I read about the Seattle Architect who changed his career focus to help the homeless. I started to read about care packages to give to the homeless on Pinterest. I liked the Homeless in Seattle Facebook page. 

So now that I've packed up our holiday decorations, I think it is time for me to help.

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