Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Today I am thankful for…

  • Running into a fellow preschool Mom with another sick child who played with our sick kid for 40 mins in the drugstore while we were waiting for our prescriptions
  • The woman who helped me in Costco with napkins after our daughter vomited in the cart
  • Only having 1 item in the cart when it happened
  • Leaving Costco
  • Having an extra plastic bag in the car
  • ...and a random beach towel (?)
  • Our washer and dryer on the first floor right by the front door
  • Rare sun and warmth on a January day in the PNW to dry the washed down car seat
  • Rare 40 minute nap from our 4 year old so I could clean up the car
  • Amazon movies
  • Thai food with with 1 block from our house

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