Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Having a 4 year old is like having a match maker in the family.

"Mommy, Mommy, I wanna have a play date with ____ TODAY!" 

Oh, you wanna have a play date with a new kid? New kid means new Mom which means I get to see if we click. What if our children are besties and we Moms can't stand each other?

First rule:
1.) Meet a public space.

Of course my daughter always wants to "show all her toys" to her friend, but that is just too much pressure.

Second rule:
2.) I think outside is best if you can do it. Living in Seattle, that can be tough - but if you go some where with lots of play room where the kids can be kids and it's not very crowded, it's just better.

Third rule:
3.) No expectations. Don't expect you'll hit it off with the new Mom. Don't expect the kids to love each other. Don't expect you'll hate the new Mom. It's a first date people. Don't move to fast.

Fourth rule:
4.) Bring many snacks for two. Our girl eats a lot. I find this rule works on any play date. And lots of snacks because you'll never have what any kid wants. Heck bring snacks for your New Mom and you if you want…but don't over do it.

Fifth rule:
5.) 2 hours is the perfect amount of time - especially for a first date. You're not going to hang all day.

I'm sure there are many other rules. PLEASE tell me in the comments box. I'm still new at this Mom dating thing. I will say this, our girl has fixed me up with some pretty awesome Moms. Next on the list, me fixing my husband up with the husband of the New Mom. Now if they hit it off, there will definitely be more than lunch date for all!

Here's to new relationships.

To my latest New Mom date - you know who you are - I am looking forward to our next date. Our girls did well and I hope this isn't too much too soon. :) 

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