Saturday, May 10, 2014

A year of running

Last April 2013 - I started my training to run. I wanted to run weekly. I wanted to run in 5ks. I wanted to love running.

2 out of 3 ain't so bad.

I've been running now 1 full year.  I run 2-3xs a week slightly over 3 miles each time. (Basically I run around our lake.) On average, I run about 10.34 mile - which is slow to many but a minute faster than I ran last year. I no longer stop to walk. I run the whole loop.

Tomorrow, I'm running the Run Like A Mother Mother's Day 5k my 2nd time. This year I didn't have to train walk to run - I ran and biked at Beautiful Bike weekly to prep, and just signed up. Nothing out of the ordinary. This year I went to pick up my packet with calmness. This year our 4 year old will be running her first 1k before I run.

So, I have achieved my goal of running weekly, running in 5Ks. I still do not love running, but I do love to get it done and achieve my goals. I love the fact that I can travel anywhere with my running shoes and my running gear and run wherever I am - though sometimes I do find it hard to get out and run on vacation.

I've committed to three 5Ks in 2014 - and this is my #2 run this year. I'll keep you posted!