Friday, February 20, 2015


It's strange. I'm more at peace lately. My soul feels thankful and more calm.

In November, I wrote God Is Good, and since then I've been attending church. I now am more aware when I say things like "oh God" or when I over hear people talking about God. (Oddly, this is happening more and more....)

I also bring up things I learn about in Church a lot. Even more -  I ask our daughter weekly what she wants to do on Sunday at 10:30am, and well, she says 99% of the time "church."

This is strange for me, but okay. I find my new church a place where I can sit for 45 minutes and reflect. Either about what the sermon is about or what is on my mind.  A place where I can see familiar faces and dress up for (in a place like Seattle as a SAHM, wearing anything but leggings is dressing up....)

I'm thankful for this experience and where it might take me. And I am thankful for finding a place for our daughter to learn a different level of compassion for other human beings and love.


IMAGE: Posted this image per Rev Monica's last sermon. Guess people really pay attention to adorable kittens on social sites ;) 

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