Sunday, March 29, 2015

I'm going to church.

EEK. I can't believe I'm putting this out there. It's so foreign to me because for so long I've been against the idea.

I'm choosing to go church. I grew up going to Catholic Mass with my family. Every Sunday I dreaded church - sitting inside a very crowded service with fellow students and strangers in my home town. Sometimes it wouldn't be so bad, but honestly, I just went through the movements, the 'sayings' (prayers), the standing/sitting/kneeling rituals.

But since my post in November 2014, after a flux of response via Facebook from fellow church (?!!) going friends, I've been attending a Christian church down the street, and shhhh, liking it!

It's not Catholic (I know, I already said it was Christian), but it is an adorable little church in the heart of the neighborhood, filled with people who have for generations attended this church and travel as far as the east side (!!) to attend this church in Crown Hill neighborhood (basically north Ballard - "west side" for those non-Seattlites.)

Our five year old daughter joins me and seems to really like it. Honestly, they won her over when her first time in the church she got to be on the alter -or what she calls "the stage." I can't say I blame her. The children all get to sit up on "the stage" each week and have a special moment just for them. Some listen. Some cry. Some run around being chased by a parent. It's actually such a sweet way to kick off the service.

Then the kids go up to a worship time and I get to sit and learn about things again with an open mind and open ear.

My new church is open minded, non-descriminating, Woman Pastor environment. It also has a similar enough prayer style and communion idea - two things from the Catholic mass I grew up enjoying and responding to, which makes me feel comfortable and at home.

So today, I can honestly say "Yes, I go to Church. And guess what? I like it." 

In case you're curious, the church is Northwest Christain Church - only one sermon each week. And don't worry - I won't pressure you to join me, but invite anyone who's interested! 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Simple and Crazy.

When my daughter and I walked into the house, we just loved it. It was a Sunday, which in our life means "Soccer Sunday" and the two of us know Daddy is at a game. J was totally a'ok with us checking out the house. I mean, it was the first house we took seriously after the day before talking with our friend and realtor told us we weren't crazy to consider the idea of selling our town home.

It wouldn't be the house.

"Mommy, I want to win this house" is what M said over again over again while running through the house.

"Me too" I said under my breath.

But it was the house- and it was crazy. The midcentury look. The colors. The beachy feel. The neighborhood. The landscaping. I just loved it, but was pretty sure I was crazy and J would talk me out of it.

He didn't.

And we moved and sold in a little more than a month (thank you Cassie & Sol!!!!!!) and we're loving the house each day. I can't believe I live here and lilacs and peonies are started to bud. I no longer have to go to the apartment building next door and snip a hydrangea in the summer from the landlords property (who btw would just chop them down anyway...) M has plenty of room to be a kid. We can host many folks visiting or just for dinner. It's just our home.

I can't wait to see what's next down the road for us in this house.

Here's to simple yet totally crazy ideas working out with the help* of your friends, family, and a little bit of insanity running through your veins.

*Thanks again to Cassie & Sol, Mom and Dad, all of our friends & family who listened to our stress about the move/moving, old neighbors, The Burns Clan, GLM, and more.