Tuesday, May 12, 2015

PURE living

Every once in awhile I get sick of it. I get sick of the fat around my legs, my belly, on my back, and I mentally make a change. I decide to start something. Maybe a new diet, or new exercise, new something....

But it's not sustainable.

I'll lose some weight. Weigh in weekly. Measure. And then that one week - usually the week I work the hardest, I gain or stay the same and the whole idea crumbles on top of me.

11 days ago, I turned 44 years old. 9 days ago, I woke up decided to go pure. I'm no longer letting the scale tell me what I weigh. I'm no longer deciding my worth by the size I'm wearing. I'm going with the measurements of feelings. PURE baby!

What's PURE mean? I just made it up (right now!)  It's my version of eating the Paleo diet designed just for U -- and the goal is for Rest of your Life and Everyday thinking "how does (doing/eating/acting like...) this make me feel?"

How do these pants make me feel? Do I feel like I've lost weight? I'm a happy or sad? What's my energy level right now? Should I be doing this? 

So I've given up sugar, dairy, wheat - but I can still eat meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, coffee, wine/vodka/cider, 70% or higher chocolate. And no, I'm not counting anything. If I'm hungry, I make a plate of natural organic ingredients and eat.

It's simple and pure.

Wanna join me?

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