Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Value in the smart network

Many people diss smart phones, social networks, etc.  Say it is all ruining our lives - and sometimes I do admit, I hate it all.

But today as I ran - I thought about the ways I value them and how they've changed my life for the better:

1) I don't get lost any more (Maps!)
2) I can call my Mom or my Friends in between moments - or when I can vs when I have to.
3) Recipes Recipes Recipes (Yummly/Pinterest)
4) When our daughter stumps me, I can look it up! (GOOGLE)
5) I can actually look up in the sky w/my smart phone and see what constellation it is over me!
6) 1 click shopping (ALL OF THEM)
7) texting - quick way to catch up with other busy friends (HEAVENLY)
8) Watch littles be born, grow up, go to college - way to fast (FB)
9) Keep grandparents alive in our lives on a daily basis (FB)
10) Share my love of taking pictures of too many things to my friends and family (all the time implying "you can look if you want/and don't if you don't wanna.") (Instagram)

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