Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gone Fishing.

I was really worried about this summer.

Every summer since our daughter had been in preschool I had put her in camp. This summer we were in a different part of the city and my husband and I thought it would be best for our girl, our fish, to get acclimated to the neighborhood and attempt swim team. Swim team a sport I had done from 8 years till 18 years old. A sport I looked forward to every summer growing up. A sport that still gets my heart pumping when I get the smell of chlorine.

But would it be the answer to our new community getting to know everyone effort? And would she enjoy it?  And love it as much as I did/do? Would our girl meet other kids and make friends? Would I lose my mind not having 4 or more hours weekly for myself?

Our girl was apprehensive at first. "What if I can't swim the whole pool Mommy?"

BUT then, it just clicked. And our summer would never be the same.

I don't miss the 3.5 hours of freedom in our old neighborhood after camp drop off and before camp pick up. I replaced those hours with chats around the pool with other parents, smiles when I saw our girl figure out to dive(ish) vs belly flop, and internal giggles when she wondered why she wasn't the fastest 5 year old in the 8 and under category.

The season for us just ended and our girl asked, "Mommy, I'm so sad swim team is over. When can I compete again?"

But then I explained the pool is still open till September -- AND Mommy is attempting an Adult Meet Saturday, and she's happily moved on. Now my 'Coach' is showing me how to dive and kick harder out of my free style flip turns.

I guess I could say our fish is hooked.