Thursday, May 12, 2016

Breaking up the routine

After packing lunch, getting our girl and myself dressed, letting the dog out, driving to school, doing my volunteer traffic duty at school; I met up with some girlfriends to SUP on Lake Union. We hadn't gotten together on the lake in almost 2 it was time.

My girl Traci said it best, "Thank you both for being a friend that we can pick up where we left off!..." And she's right. It felt like it was the week after the week we did it last time. Paddling, talking, catching up, and just being girlfriends. It felt amazing to be on the water in the beauty of our city in the sun watching sea planes, kayaks, and boats go by.

Sometimes you just have to take the time and do something different in your week...and if you can do it with girlfriends, even better.

Photo Credit:  Obviously a selfie by me... by my iPhone that was saved by Ziplock bag which I carried in a bag which I chose to carry for some odd reason. Which btw, saved my iPhone later when I fell in.... Stephanie is obviously laughing about something hysterical. I love this picture. Traci, not pictured, I'm sure is smiling too.