Sunday, October 9, 2016

Role Models

Recently our 6 3/4 year old daughter and I had a girls movie night. We snuggled in bed and turned on the laptop. We searched through Xfinity, Netflix, and Amazon Prime to find the show she would choose.  
...And she chose a Lego Movie called Cosmic Clash. Now, keep in my mind our girl rarely choses anything related to Lego. She leans 99% of the time towards more the more feminine type of plots - and has for the last few years on her own accord, so honestly, I was some what excited about watching something different. 

The movie was fine, but that's not my point. Here is what she picked up on in the middle of the movie...

"Mommy, why do the girl Super Heroes have to wear underwear or skirts - and the boys get to all wear pants?"

She's right, why? I mean, sure the Super Hero Legos are based off of Marvel Comics, but they could have, I mean, they're Legos, made a few creative changes.... It's not like the Legos look truly like the comic books. Why couldn't Wonder Women be wearing pants? or at least tights? 

Our daughters and sons are paying attention to everything that is happening today in media and on the news and what we talk about at home. The idea of a positive role models isn't just in the toys and shows they play with and watch, but also what we as parents are talking about and listening to. 

Speaking of paying attention, she's so excited to have a female Presidential candidate, she jumps with JOY every time she sees a sign or a sticker - a Woman Candidate in pants I might add. 

So I can say I stand with my Daughter, I stand with Hillary, and I stand with all Women and children today. #Imwithher